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Review on Samsung S34J55W 34 Inch Ultrawide LS34J550WQNXZA 75Hz, Flicker-Free, Tilt Adjustment, Ultrawide Screen by Robert Akers

This is a BIG monitor. Almost too big

Starting from an old 23" 1080p monitor I bought in 2010, this is a significant upgrade. It's amazing how affordable monitors have become in recent years. LCD. However, this isn't a 'cheap' monitor, so there should be a value proposition. First, the monitor is absolutely massive. With a diagonal of 34 inches, its size can hardly be overestimated. You can put an entire truck on screen at once, but the problem with most ultrawide displays is finding the right content, and this is no exception. Since the 21:9 aspect ratio is different from the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio, you get black bars on the sides of almost all video content, which is not a problem for gaming as the resolution is mostly negotiable and works well with traditional workflows such as editing videos. , but don't expect to watch most widescreen movies with no bars. I ended up not using Samsung's software that arranges elements on the screen, as I'm OK with Windows 10's native window management, which combines two things side-by-side, but you'll definitely want to use something different that feels overwhelming. Similarly, I think 32 inches or so is the limit of a monitor's realistic size before it actually needs to be bent. Obviously a curved version would increase the price significantly, but you'll find that you usually have to move your head a few inches from side to side to comfortably view all of the content. Again, this isn't a problem if you understand that this is a limitation, but just understand that your eyes can track a lot of pixels. As for the refresh rate, I'm glad Samsung included FreeSync. This is a big plus. Unfortunately, the standard range that FreeSync operates in on its monitor is only 48-75Hz. I would like a lower starting point. Also, the only output that supports 75Hz at max resolution is DisplayPort, so make sure you're using that and not HDMI. This will become even more useful as more GPUs come with FreeSync support, especially with NVIDIA 10/20 series support. As expected, the monitor is very bright out of the box with a brightness of around 185 cd/m2. I had to reduce the brightness to 21/100 to get 120 cd/m2. (There is no separate backlight control, so PQ adjustment occurs as brightness decreases). Had to set RGB to 57/32/40 to get closer to color profile, getting it to 6500k. All in all a good monitor at a good price. Disclaimer: I received this monitor for free in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own conclusions

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  • tilt adjustment
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