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Review on SucSEED Venture Partners by Amos joseph

Sucseed venture partners

SucSEED Venture Partners is an early-stage investment startup company that provides new startup entrepreneurs, new early state venture companies, and investors with financial support, mentorship, coaching, and investment training on how to thrive in the competitive market.

It's has supported over 30 plus new startup companies with both capital and mentorship SucSEED Venture Partners was founded in 2016 having its headquarter in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India it operates virtually in India and extends it service to other network companies offshore.

It has partnered with high profile and well-recognized companies across Asian Pacific and it's open to external investors who are willing to partner with it this partnership have made SucSEED Venture Partners raise fund for new startup companies having the potential to deliver good service in these present days it provides forum for new ventures to apply for fund which if they pass the company required criteria will be given financial support.

SucSEED Venture Partners focuses on technologically driven companies such as Fintech, Reality tech, and city solutions, Publishing and media tech, Internet of all things, and more.

It's a transparent startup supporting company active for several years which makes it well-recommended for companies where new investors can get financial and mentorship support.

Pros & cons

  • Provide new startup companies with financial support and mentoring program
  • Operates in the Asia Pacific and other location
  • Allows investors and other companies to partner with them for investment purpose
  • Focus on technology base companies and health
  • Provide good customer support services
  • High competitive service other companies are providing new ventures with the same service