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Review on πŸƒ Garmin Forerunner 45: Easy-to-Use GPS Running Watch with Coach Free Training Plan Support in Black - 42mm by Kenny Moreno

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Simple as a brick. I hope they are just as strong.

In fact, this is a monitor of the physical state of the body in terms of the main vital functions of the body - mainly the work of the cardiovascular system and the physical activity of the owner of the gadget. For this reason, although they are positioned as a workout controller, they can be a good help for people with health problems such as sleep disturbance, heart function and overweight. Of course, I admit that the readings are not as accurate as those of classical medical equipment. However, the watch not only takes approximate reference points for the level of blood pressure and heart rate, but when the appropriate software with the physical data of the carrier is installed on the smartphone, they begin to keep continuous statistics of the state of the body, calculating the phases and duration of sleep and physical activity, the approximate level of need and use of calories, with an eye to on the age and weight of the owner, while giving recommendations and even "kicking" you if you sit up somewhere outside the specified range of daily sleep. At the same time, the data is adjusted, adjusting to the current state of the owner. The sporting purpose affected the ascetic design. The watch does not have a touch screen, control is exclusively on buttons, of which there are as many as 5 pieces (if necessary, you can block it). Other functions are just an addition to the main function of the device - monitoring the physical condition and the minimum set of a trainer - a timer + stopwatch: it is possible to briefly run through phone notifications, check the weather forecast or set training parameters or their goals. Of the additional uber-useful features, I personally consider the function of searching for a smartphone synchronized with the chronometer, when the latter, when the task is activated, starts ringing vilely, blinking and vibrating until you get tired of it and turn off the alarm on the screen of the most lost device. In addition, already from the applications loaded, more precisely synchronized over the communication channel, it turned out to be useful to be able to inform about the detection of active speed control radars, which, in light of the increase in the minimum fine threshold in Germany to 55 euros and the increase in the number of mobile milking machines, saves the family budget quite a lot (in Hamburg 65 cameras for the current year "shot" 18 million euros, for example). Up to a heap, the manufacturer Kuzmit is water resistant up to 50 meters. Non-critical disadvantages include: - some kind of stubborn format of the incoming charger connector, which, as they say, also costs almost half the amount of the entire accessory; - dim dial screen; - frankly overpriced in the expanses of the fatherland, although, again, this does not refer to the watch itself, but to the greed of sellers in the homeland. If someone has matured and has the opportunity to purchase a device outside of Russia (for example, visiting or on vacation), they will now cost you about 120 euros, at least in Germany. Are these watches vital for everyone? I think no. Unless there is an excess of time corresponding to a hobby and goal (sports, fitness, etc.), the need for at least minimal health control and some kind of financial reserve for buying an item that is not the most necessary.

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  • Control of the biological parameters of the body A handy tool for maintaining bodies in a tolerable state
  • The price in Russia is charged almost twice as high as the foreign one