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Review on Enhance Your Hookah Experience With Pivot-Diesel Hookah Bowl - Compatible With Heat Management And All Shisha Flavors Perfectly! by Aquarium Lanter

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Capitalism and Competition at its Finest

This is gonna come as a shocker to some or was expected of others, but this bowl is a replica of a bowl in the hookah industry. This particular brand I’ll call brand M is a boutique brand that sells a limited amount of bowls at a what some say fair and others say expensive price. Due to how limited they are and the demand is so high because it’s difficult to buy, the second hand sales prices are double, triple and for some other bowls quadrupled the original prices. Many people a tired of this, whether they have voiced it out or stayed silent this is a fact. In comes this guy, to fill in the supply for the demand and do it at a much more reasonable cost. Owners of brand M caught wind of this, and some of the owners of the product brand M sells instigate among other things but this is beside the point. Back to this Pivot bowl we have here. It is interesting, the only difference you will see is that the bowl has a lip for the lotus that brand M does not do anymore, and the logo from brand M isn’t there(obviously). Some more detaileD things to point out, the depth of the Pivot bowl is too deep in my opinion. Advertised is 15-20 grams but I’d never get 15 grams in this thing If I’m packing my bowls correctly. I’ve gone up to 24grams with Tangier’s packed and 21grams with trifecta dark packed. Another minute difference is the weight. This bowl is heavier than the OG M boutique bowls, but not as heavy as the current M boutique bowls. Mine in particular came out to 362 grams and the other came out to 374(yes I purchased 2) where the M bowl I have is 420grams and one of my OG M bowls is 280grams. Last thoughts, I find it interesting that this replica is utilizing a feature (the lip for the HMD) that the M bowls got rid of, not that it matters, i do enjoy having that lip but it makes little difference. The reason I say that is THIS BOWL PERFORMS JUST AS WELL AS THE ORIGINAL M BOUTIQUES BOWLS. Die hard biased fans of the brand will hate regardless but I’m glad i made this purchase and will continue to do so as long as it’s this difficult to grab an original. Don’t have the supply the demand will go elsewhere, and I’m happy to report this is a viable alternative to the original.DOWNS: Too deep, make it slightly shallower by about 2-3mmThe glaze they use(while they are nice) do not clean with as ease as the original. Albeit this is not a major problem, they will get cleaned still, just not as easy.PROS:Literally everything else, they look great, they hold heat well, feel great in the hand, smoke great and most importantly they are at a more affordable and competitive price as well as not as limited. When they release another I will grab another 2. So from me to you readers, feel content when you are making this purchase. You will be happy with it.Also, google Polybutene Recycle to see what the PB Recycling Symbol means. It’s not lead.

img 1 attached to Enhance Your Hookah Experience With Pivot-Diesel Hookah Bowl - Compatible With Heat Management And All Shisha Flavors Perfectly! review by Aquarium Lanter

  • The Pivot-Diesel Hookah Bowl is incredibly versatile, compatible with heat management and all shisha flavors, making it the perfect addition to any smoking session!
  • The bowl may require additional grommets or adapters to fit securely on certain hookahs

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