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Review on LG 32UL950 W Ultrafine Thunderbolt Connectivity 3840X2160P, Color Calibrated, VESA DisplayHDR™ 600, RADEON FreeSync™, ‎32UL950-W by Joshua Tezzy

The cheaper alternative (UN880) is just as good, unless you're interested in built-in speakers.

I'm not a fan of displays. But I took both the 32UN880-B and 32UL950-W to compare them side by side. Overall, I'd say the 32UL950-W is definitely the best product, but you're not getting much at $500 more. Judging by the technical characteristics, they look almost the same. I'm assuming the 950 runs 10 bit and the 880 runs 8 bit, but I can't tell the difference. Text Clarity: Equivalent, I couldn't tell any difference when coding. I tried to get some close-ups of the text on both, it was impossible to see the difference. Sometimes I think the UL950 might be *a little* sharper, but then I look closely and can't tell the difference and wonder if my brain is fooling me. Sound: UL950 *MUCH* better. But I can't control the volume from my MacBook Pro either, so it's a deal breaker. I can't use an audio device that would require me to adjust the volume with the stylus at the bottom of the monitor. Colors: I had to tone down the red on my UL950 by 4 points (to 46) to match my MBP display colors. I don't know what "right" would be, but I would trust the MBP's display colors as a guide. Stand: UN880 is better than UL950, but of course you can buy an ergonomic stand elsewhere. Probably worth $200, the stand is pretty good and solid. In general? UN880 wins. The only thing I can say better about the UL950 is the sound, which cannot be put first as I will not be using sound with any of these displays. photos below. They're just from my iPhone 8, so there they are. anything but you might feel the colors are the same. UN880 top left, UL950 top right, MBP 2019 bottom center. Notice the red line on the UL950 because it was bought used (bad move, just buy a new one, I'll return it) but artifact aside, it seems a fair test. After some color adjustments I was able to get white. The balance is a bit more even. The UL950 white is a little 'whiter', not sure if it is related to color balance or not. I'm not an expert. Final Settings: UN880: Brightness 50, 50/43/50 RGBUL950: Brightness 50, 46/46/50 RGB. "So yeah, I think it's just the color settings. I honestly can't tell much of a difference. UL950 is back at 50/50/50. *shrug*

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