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Review on πŸ”² Stainless Triangle External Chamfer Deburring Tool by Jerry Mangum

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Works but hex head won't engage and do not use impact tool

I made the mistake of using it on my impact wrench because of the quick release hex head. The hex head would not engage my drill bit. I tried to deburr the broken bolt and click! The whole piece exploded. It looked like the inner metal was coated with a cheap silver film. Then I used a triangular base bit and it worked better. With a little work I was able to tighten the nut.

  • Safe and effective: Triangular and hex shank deburring tool securely attaches to almost different types of drill chucks. Three sharp razor teeth can cut bolts layer after layer safely and efficiently without sparks or hand injuries. Fix screw quickly. Available both threaded and unthreaded.
  • Drill Pack