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Review on 🏒 Aqara Motion Sensor - Zigbee Connection, Broad Detection Range, Apple HomeKit & Alexa Compatible, Works With IFTTT - Ideal for Alarm System and Smart Home Automation (Requires Aqara Hub) by Tara Ford

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Aqara RTCGQ11LM Follows and observes - my review about it

And again a smart home and again Xiaomi products. This brand never ceases to amaze me with the presence of various gadgets, especially for the "smart home" and in this review we will talk about a very important device - a motion sensor. The device is quite small in size, but such a crumb will help with the automation of various systems, from turning off or on the light to protecting the house from unauthorized intrusions, and without installing bulky security alarm systems. The operation of the sensor is based on infrared radiation, traditional for such devices, with which you can instantly determine the movement of a living object in the coverage area. The sensor is supplied in a simple white cardboard box with the inscription Aqara - this is the name of the sub-brand. The characteristics are indicated on the back of the package, namely, that the sensor works according to the ZigBee protocol, uses a CR 2450 battery, and the operating temperature range is from -10 to +45. Inside there is a special cardboard retainer, in which the sensor itself and the stand-leg are recessed. The sensor at the bottom and the stand-leg at the top and bottom have double-sided adhesive tape, with which you can connect them together and, if desired, install the sensor on a vertical surface such as a wall or ceiling. The body of the sensor is made of white plastic and looks like a cylinder 30 mm high and 33 mm in diameter. The device is very compact, fits in the palm of your hand, so it will be almost invisible during operation. On the side of the sensor there is a small button, when pressed, the pairing mode with the smart home system is activated. This requires the presence of a gateway and installation of the Mi Home application. The gadget has a wide range of detecting moving objects, which is 170, and its range is 7 meters. Hence the conclusion that one such sensor should be enough to control the entire room. After the sensor has been initialized in the application, it will be possible to select its location and add scripts to automate processes. In my case, I use it for only one purpose, which is to turn on the lights in the Gateway whore at night, namely from 22.45 to 7.30. Since this gateway is in my corridor, it turns out to be very convenient when you go to the kitchen at night, the sensor recognizes my movement and illuminates the corridor for me so that I don’t demolish something. After 30 seconds, if the sensor does not see movement in the coverage area, then the light goes out. Also, I put such a sensor in the children's room. The child often forgets to turn off the light in the room, so I synchronized the motion sensor with the Yeelight smart lamp, indicating in the script that if no movement was detected in the room within 2 minutes, the lamp would automatically turn off. I also set the sensor to turn on the light when motion is detected, it works perfectly and is very convenient! In the application, I set the interval for turning on the light from 17-00 to 22.30, so at night the light will not turn on and will not wake anyone up. Another popular scenario is the alarm. For example, you leave home and turn on the alarm mode in the application. In this mode, when movement is detected in the room, a notification will be sent to your phone, and an alarm will go off on the gateway. There are a lot of possibilities for writing scripts and it all depends on your imagination. Did the motion sensor meet my expectations? Undoubtedly! He perfectly copes with the duties assigned to him and so far has never failed and has not failed for 3 months.

img 1 attached to 🏒 Aqara Motion Sensor - Zigbee Connection, Broad Detection Range, Apple HomeKit & Alexa Compatible, Works With IFTTT - Ideal for Alarm System and Smart Home Automation (Requires Aqara Hub) review by Tara Ford


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