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Review on Raspberry ROADOM Touchscreen Responsive Compatible 10.1", 60Hz, Built-In Speakers, Touch Screen, HD by Darian Sevenfourgd

Great screen. I will buy one for every project I do!

When I placed my order, this screen did not come with a screen-to-GPIO power cable. I knew right away that this was a good screen the way it was packaged. Packaged very well and comes with everything you need to get it working at least on the raspberry pi. Customer service alone deserves a five star rating. I sent them many emails to which they responded quickly. Very polite and friendly as well as helpful. Here are the pros: - You really can't get a better touchscreen display with built-in speakers for this price. - Video and sound quality is quite good. I mainly use it to watch YouTube or play old game emulators. High quality details. Specifically, USB cables and HDMI cables that can be used for external sources. Packaged really well, there's a nice bag for everything, and the soft styrofoam cutouts keep everything secure. like it even more. Allows you to stretch your back (Photo 4) -Great customer service -Great customer service -Did I mention they have great customer service? You have to attach it. Measured to be the exact size needed for Model B's board but has an awkward kink and twist to fit properly (Photo 1). I have a feeling they could make it a 90° right angle, solid curve coming out of the HDMI connector, that would be much better. - Mine didn't originally come with a 3 pin 5V/5V/g cable that you can use to power my Pi. One was mailed to me free of charge in early October and I didn't have to ask for it. This cable changed everything. If you didn't have this cable, the only way to power up the Pi is with the USB cable protruding from the bottom of the screen, preventing it from sitting flush with the included stands (Photo 2-3). You can always show display_rotate=# as you like and then turn it upside down so the power cord sticks out at the top, but lcd_rotate and other normal functions don't rotate the touch part. - It seems to get quite hot when left on for a long time, I've run it for 10 consecutive days and haven't had any issues. - The supplied instruction manual/instruction manual is rubbish. I'm by no means a computer genius and it took me 2 weeks to figure out how the touch function works. So if you're like me and can't figure it out, you need to connect the USB cable from your Raspberry Pi to the micro USB labeled 'Touch'. Also a micro USB cable to power and Pi. Then it worked without any configuration. You can turn on the screen from the USB port directly to the touch port, but the resolution remains higher due to the lack of power the Pi provides over USB. And you also need a USB cable to connect directly to the Pi.

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