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Review on LimoStudio 2-Pack of 105-Watt Photography Fluorescent Bulbs for Daylight-Neutral Tone, Full Spectrum Lighting Efficiency in Photo/Video Studio - LMS121 by Anthony Savage

Revainrating 4 out of 5

HUGE in light output and size.

I have no idea what the reviewers are saying about not being bright and not suitable for the daytime temperature bought but it can't be those bulbs. God I only bought two. 4 would not fit in a block, and 3 are so bright that more are not needed. I love the color (goes really well with my Kino Flos Daylight) and am considering buying two more and a second light for it. Very large. In contrast to conventional compact fluorescent screw lamps. I bought this for a small tracking kit but the lights are so late they need a separate case to protect them. So far this is the ONLY downside. Haven't used it much and have no idea of any other lifespan, but if it turns out to be short like some of the other bad reviews here I'll come back and let you know. But for just over $20 for bulbs and just under $20 for a 4-socket head, I get light output that exceeds my $1,000+ Kino Flow Diva. It's not that big of a light source, but I use it as a bare tube head held high. It looks like a softball and fills the space pretty well. Nothing special, but very useful in many cases.

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