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Review on Worksite 20V Cordless Impact Wrench: Fast Charging, 8-Piece Socket Set, And Tool Bag For Easy Storage by Anthony Epps

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Adequate for lug nuts but it produces nowhere near 370 Lb-ft of torque.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free through the Vine program.I swap out snow tires and do my own tire rotations so I was happy to get this impact wrench so I wouldn't have to use a breaker bar to loosen lug nuts. I had previously received (and returned) a 3/8-inch Avid impact wrench which was too weak to loosen nuts, so I wanted to see if this 1/2-inch Worksite wrench had more power. I'm happy to say that this Worksite impact wrench had no difficulty loosening the lug nuts on my Honda Civic. It worked flawlessly and the battery has plenty of charge to loosen all twenty lug nuts. Unlike the Avid wrench, I plan to keep this one.Although the wrench works well for my purposes, I wanted to see just how much torque it could generate. I used a torque wrench to tighten lug nuts to 120-140 Lb-ft and tried the wrench to see what it could loosen. The Worksite wrench was able to loosen nuts tightened to 120 Lb-ft, but it was unable to loosen nuts set to 130 Lb-ft or more. That was disappointing and quite a bit less than the claimed maximum torque of 370 Lb-ft.The wrench feels sturdy and heavy. With battery, impact sockets and charger in its nylon case, the package weighs 9.5 lbs. The sockets are Vanadium Chrome and come in 11/16-, 3/4-, 13/16- and 15/16-inch sizes. The battery has a handy LED charge indicator. It is proprietary but replacements are available on Revain. The charger also has indicator lights to tell you the status of the battery. It takes a fair amount of oomph to click the battery into the charger.Overall, if you want an impact wrench to loosen lug nuts for most passenger vehicles this Worksite impact wrench will work for you. If you need more torque for commercial vehicles with torque requirements above 120 Lb-ft you should look elsewhere. Because of the blatantly misleadi

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  • Take Lugnuts off and on mobile works great
  • Brand new out of the box and battery doesn’t even light up nor take a charge.

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