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Review on Razer Viper 8KHz Ambidextrous Optical Gaming Mouse ๐Ÿ–ฑ๏ธ 2nd Gen - 20K DPI for Esports & Competitive Gaming by nh Bnh แ Œ

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Everything about the product satisfied me, the price is perfect.

I bought this rodent as a temporary measure and did not expect to see such quality. The fact is that my old rodent broke down and I urgently needed to replace it. This mouse seemed almost ideal. RocketJumpNinja sang odes about her, saying that for the price itโ€™s better not to find and he has no idea how they fit into this price. As far as I understand, all the hardware, except for the sensor, is the same as that of the big brother, with the exception of this, only the size and weight have changed. Decided to try. Didn't regret it. The rodent really deserves laudatory odes and, despite the long-standing reputation of the ryzra in our area, promises a long and faithful service. Nothing wobbles, nothing rattles. Wonderful. I thought at first to sell it, but now I decided to leave it as a spare when I buy myself a new G Pro X Superlight (it almost never appeared on sale, so Iโ€™m waiting). So the mouse is good, I recommend it to everyone. The only thing I can not recommend to people with a palm grip, if the hand is medium-large in size. Well, for people with very small hands, the option is ideal.

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  • -Best budget phepes gaming mouse you can find. I bought my copy new for 3200 wood (in fact, it cost me even less, I spent bonus points in amazon - a total of 1600 wood) -Very light, with no unnecessary holes -Despite the fact that the design is symmetrical, in favor of weight got rid of (as for me) unnecessary buttons on the right side - Solid sensor, for the price -Good glides -Soft cable. And lightweight. Almost not felt. But anyway, if you take for a long time, it is better to take a bungee. -The buttons are tactilely pleasant, I also like the wheel. Due to the fact that the switches are optical, double clicks can not be expected from it. -Side buttons almost zapadlo. Itโ€™s convenient, you wonโ€™t accidentally press them, but when necessary, the hand rests on them perfectly (with my grip, at least, and my hand is quite large)
  • - It seems to me that the backlight in an ultra-light mouse is a sin and is not justified by anything. If they got rid of it, they would shave off 3-4 grams in weight. But not everyone thinks so, someone needs a backlight for some reason. Judge for yourself -As the name says, the mouse is very small. It's not so important to me, because. I have a combined grip (finger pads, claw, with two knuckles on the mouse for control), but even with my grip, the hand will try to grab lower, often touching the mat. As a result, the control is good, but my skin glides clearly worse than pure PTFE (like legs made of it). Except for this, the form is exceptionally successful. My palm, by the way, is about 19.5 cm (from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist) -Whatever it is flexible and light, a cable is a cable. As for me, it's time to start releasing all mice completely wireless. This does not make them much more expensive to manufacture, but the convenience is incredible. Viper Ultimate, by the way, has fallen in price a lot. But I did not buy it for the reason below * I can't add anything more. What I wrote - and then pulled by the ears, in the mouse that I got a new one for 1600, this does not count at all.

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July 13, 2023
Fit me perfectly. Bought for games

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