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Review on Apple IPhone 11 Cell Phones & Accessories by Evgeniy Zaytsev

One of the best iphone models ever. Quality at the level

In a nutshell - a cool device. But I think it's worth talking and telling you about my experience of using this mine in more detail.

Briefly about the main

Stylish. Powerful. Steep. Also at a good price. Here's what you can say for sure about the iphone 11.

For more than a year and a half, I have not had a single case where the phone let me down.


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In fact, I really liked the color scheme in the line of 11 models, but I settled on red (for the purchase of this model, a certain percentage was transferred to the account of the Red Cross organization). Convenience in the hand, nice appearance and other design solutions made it really sweet.

The smartphone itself looks concise and fits comfortably in the hand. For me, it does not look like a shovel, even considering the large diagonal (6.1 is simply not felt here).


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As for the power - it is enough. The battery can withstand up to 6 hours of active use (games, programs), and even up to eight hours of video playback.

The built-in processor copes with modern heavy programs and games perfectly well.

The smartphone does not blunt at all and pleases with its speed: smooth transitions and scrolling are especially pleasing.


It is very cool and juicy - yes, in terms of technical characteristics, the display is a cut below the iPhone 10. BUT it does not feel at all. Unless, you place both smartphones side by side and buy a specially adapted 4k movie in the market. And in everyday life, I see only a clear, juicy and high-quality image.

Brightness is more than enough for outdoor use on a very sunny day.


After using smartphones from other manufacturers, even flagship models, the iPhone gives the impression of a luxury item that has no competition among this type of technology.

iPhone 11 is a stylish gadget that suits me in every way. The smartphone works smartly, pleases with a high-quality image and speed, suitable for shooting and editing photos. It is convenient with him - and this is the main point for me, as a user.


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With the release of the new iOS, a lot of cool features have appeared and the phone feels a little smoother (the picture is not so sharp when moving). But, at the same time, the battery began to discharge somewhere 5-10% faster, apparently the new functionality still affects this parameter. I did not find any more comments on the device.

I use iPhone with pleasure.

Pros & cons

  • Price
  • Style
  • Power
  • Screen
  • many extra features

Comments (1)

Alex Meshceryakov
May 11, 2022
Good model, but the camera is worse than the Iphone XS MAX, which of course is better, but this model is newer, in general I agree with the author and wish him luck. For me, when choosing a phone, the main argument is to have a good camera and that it works at least 8 hours. For this I agree with the author, on all points the phone is suitable for all conditions.
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