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Review on Peace Frogs Travel by Mario Panda

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Plan and pack in one easy, stress free experience

I can't believe I forgot to write this review! One should always be thankful for the good that people do, but unfortunately it feels like this time I forgot to show my appreciation.

I was planning a trip in December 2020 to see family in Sri Lanka. It was going to be me and my kids - 2 years old at the time and 4 months pregnant with our third baby. Due to the pregnancy I wasn't able to fly directly from Finland, so we had stopover flights through Dubai on Emirates Airlines.

Back then we were living right next to Helsinki Airport and I was quite nervous traveling with such little kids; having your ears hurt due dehydration during flight is not an experience you want as a parent haha! We've flown once during our first trip abroad to visit my husband's family in Bucharest, Romania. But now we had to fly for 12 hours! I was very anxious.

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You might remember my Instagram post about the Emirates flight : my daughter spent the whole flight crying due ear pain and given that they have no bassinet available on flight, she just couldn't lie comfy enough - not even with being held reclined sitting on my lap. The entertainment system was just amazing though :)

So, back to Peace Frogs Travel . I didn't know anything about them before they contacted me via Facebook , but since their offer seemed to be a good deal and it would help out a charitable cause, I went ahead and researched more about them and promised to come back and write a review if we were happy with the service they provided. It felt like a good idea to support small businesses for once, since we always end up using mostly bigger companies (like Emirates) when booking flights.

Additionally I asked my husband's brother (he is married to his wonderful wife Asha ) what he thought about Peace Frogs Travel as he was familiar with them from his years of living in Sri Lanka - and especially since Peace Frogs Travel is owned by local freelancers; those freelancers also happen to be friends that Asha and my husband grew up with! He told me that they had an excellent reputation and that people love their work ethic. So, we decided to go ahead and book our flight through this company.

Peace Frogs Travel is a very small business with only two guys who are quite passionate about what they do. They strive to provide quality service for their customers and I can honestly say that our experience with them was phenomenal! Not only did they give us the best price compared to other big companies, but also because of the great service they provided, we were able to stopover in Dubai twice (instead of once) and got extremely nice treatment from Emirates Airlines as well as from Peace Frogs . We ended up having an amazing trip: we got upgraded to 1st class both ways (when booking it through Peace Frogs ), we had really friendly flight attendants on board and we felt like we were celebrities :) My daughter enjoyed spending time at the kids play rooms in all airports and she was able to sleep comfortably in the bassinet in Dubai's airport both ways (although the first time it didn't work very well with her too).

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So, after we arrived back home I decided to write this review immediately so that Peace Frogs Travel gets rewarded for their amazing service. You can really tell when you deal with people who do their job with love. When something is done out of passion instead of money, you get the best customer experience possible! I also wanted to share this service because my husband and I are huge fans of "5 star hotel" treatment - generally, every kind of luxury :) Well, imagine that kind of service lasting during a 12 hours! It certainly beats spending your time in an economy-class seat!

The company has been around for many years and they offer excellent service to their customers. They provide the best possible price for airline tickets while also helping out with charitable causes that need your support.

  • - Unique itineraries tailored to your needs and preferences
  • - Travel gear experts at your disposal for all your essentials
  • - Experience the world worry free with Peace Frogs Travel
  • The customer service is mediocre.
  • I feel that the company is just taking advantage of people who don't know any better.
  • The company doesn't have an office.

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