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Review on Payoneer by José A Rodríguez

Payoneer: The Right Payment Tool For Freelancers

As a freelancer working in different areas of the digital world (internet), I've faced some difficulties to establish prices or take earnings from my job. Digital payments have always some disadvantages because of the trustworthiness of companies, but there is also an opportunity to trust in, and I finally have the chance of experiencing its benefits. I discovered Payoneer three years ago when talking about professional payment methods available globally. Since then, I've seen how this company scaled up until surpassing companies like Paypal, a recognized digital-payment provider.

Payoneer has more advantages than issues. It is a global service without limits in borders or countries. It is available for everyone, equally. And the best of all is the amazing number of partners and providers it has. There are a limited, but stable sort of companies that recommend the services of this orange provider. Their services are divided into three main categories: freelancing, marketplaces, and marketing. So, if readers see this separately they will find themselves immersed in a world of possibilities.

Global growth is taken as a goal in this company. Payoneer boosts the expansion of companies and permits them to connect their channels to individuals and clients. They receive assets with ease and the process is quick and clear. Users have access to their incomes as if it were a digital bank, and they have different options to transfer the money to their bank accounts.

The best thing about this company, at least for freelancers like me, is that it is full of solutions. It has permitted me to grow up professionally, and for that reason, I recommend it to everyone. There is a great chance to move all funds in different currencies. If this site accepts direct entries in cryptocurrencies, then their benefits would be higher. However, advanced investors know who to invest their earnings to but crypto and move funds out of the network.

Pros & cons

  • Open digital transfers to national banks without restrictions for country laws, or limitations of them.
  • Easy movement of currencies between providers and investors. There is a great number of national currencies accepted.
  • Open links to access digital shops. Lots of companies are currently partnered with this payment provider.
  • It permits to pay the national insurance of some countries, as well as the VAT.
  • It is an ideal partner for all freelancers and remote workers. They trust a lot in this company.
  • No nothing negative to mention.