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Review on πŸ’ͺ Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Powder - Unflavored, Keto-Friendly, 120 Servings (Packaging May Vary) by Hannah Curi

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An effective and inexpensive means of increasing strength for bodybuilders

Creatine is a well-known supplement for all bodybuilders. I tried it myself on the advice of a trainer. I drank with a load (it seems to be four days, the same number of times a day), then just once a day for a month, I took breaks of two weeks. Month-0.5 month break-month-0.5 month break, etc. I drank on training days immediately upon arrival home, on the day of rest at about the same time, washed down with water with sugar - a glass of water and 4 tsp . sugar (with fast carbohydrates, creatine is best absorbed). Some time after the start of the reception, I felt the effect, the strength indicators rose noticeably, not that by incredible numbers, but the push was visible to the naked eye. So - it really helps. Someone, by the way, drinks it before training and also feels the effect. Well, it depends on preferences and tastes. True, one of the familiar bodybuilders spoke about the fact that when loading (taking 4 times a day for the first few days), the kidneys hurt. But I didn’t feel anything like that, although my health is far from heroic, and my weight was about 60 kg. at that time with a height of 175. I only noticed problems with high blood pressure after drinking for an extended period of time (creatine retains water in the body, which can contribute to such problems), but I myself am a little hypertensive, I have long-standing problems with pressure, which just stood out because of taking creatine. And so I can drink, the main thing is to take breaks, and when the pressure starts to jump, take additional breaks. A healthy person will not have such problems. And yet, a couple of kilograms of weight due to water will increase. Someone will call it a minus, but for me, an ectomorph, this is only good. The main thing is that there is an effect. When drying, of course, it is better not to use such a form of creatine as monohydrate. This is not a magic powder, as some people think, after which you instantly become a "jock", and even problems with potency begin. No, these are all nonsense that are told by people who confuse sports nutrition with pharmaceuticals (hormones, etc.). Creatine is an amino acid isolated from natural products that will help give strength and energy, increase strength and mass (in the case of taking monohydrate, as at the moment). Ideal in cases where the athlete begins to stagnate and there is no progress - it will help to make a breakthrough. It really works. And this representative of creatine from ON is very good, I drank enough time to evaluate it. However, as they say, the monohydrate remains a monohydrate even in Africa, because it is pure creatine monohydrate without any impurities and additives, and it is practically the same for different manufacturers.

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  • Cheap, effective, small doses required
  • Pressure problems may occur, but a healthy person with proper use will not have them