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Lysol Bleach Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner

Good day! I bought this gel for the first time and I did not like it. Liquid, rust does not cope at all. It all drains right away, I don’t even know how it can cleanse and in general whether it manages to kill all microbes. The bottle is large, with a volume of 750 ml. Blue, the product itself is also blue. The bottle is very handy. The curved neck and thin spout allows liquid to get under the rim of the toilet bowl, only now it immediately flows down, it is very liquid. Not gel-like at all! The lid is strong and easy to remove. I work with him only in gloves. All such chemistry. The nose is comfortable to use. Compound. I don't understand this at all, but it might help someone. After applying the gel, there is no smell, the gel generally has a very weak odor. The toilet bowl is not as shiny as after I clean it with another product. It does not cope with rust at all, the expense is not economical. It hasn’t been a month yet, but it is already ending, because it is very liquid. Based on this, I can’t put it higher than C and I won’t recommend it! Because I'm definitely the second time to buy this tool, I have no desire. And you see for yourself! Thank you all for your attention to my review! Happy and useful shopping! See full review

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Team Coaches

The tool provides me with all of my coaching data in one place (the dashboard), including team information as well for use during client calls or meetings! This is such an organized way to keep up-to date while also being able to provide valuable feedback about progress/goal achievement at any time without having additional reports generated manually from other systems like Basecamp Calendar and Asana etc.. I wish we could have had this feature when first starting out our firm - it would be incredibly helpful now!! We are working together towards specific goals by tracking these through OkR's which can then feed back into individual employee workflows within Workday so they know what their next steps should look like. I like that it has all of my clients' information in one place so I can easily see where they are at with their goals. It is easy to use and allows me to stay organized with all of my clients. There is not much to dislike about this program. If you are looking for something simple and easy to use then this is your best bet. This makes my job easier by keeping all of my clients' information in one place. It also helps me keep up with all of my students. See full review

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Corvisio OKR

I like that it's easy to create goals, objectives or other KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for each user in your organization as well as tracking them against those metrics over time with alerts when they are off target! It would be great if we could have more flexibility around how data is viewed/filtered - eg drill down into particular areas of an objective instead just seeing all users' overall targets at once. We're using this software primarily within our own team but also across multiple teams so having visibility from one place makes things easier too.See full review

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I like the transparency of the entire company. From scheduling to project management, everything is visible to everyone on the team. This makes collaboration super easy. I also like that the website functions very well and that it's responsive. Certain functionalities could use work. I'd love to see more features developed, specifically when it comes to work management, scheduling, and time tracking. Overall, this is a wonderful program to use in the office or remotely. There is SO MUCH transparency! And it's super helpful with projects. There's also a lot of easy communication when you're working remotely or when you're in the same office. I like that we can have conversations without being in person or having an online meeting. It's easy for me as well because it works with my schedule! If you're looking into this product consider how much time will be saved versus traditional video conferencing software. We've been able to communicate better across our organization which has helped us save money by cutting out travel costs (and carbon footprint). See full review

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I like that it is very easy to use for beginners as well those who are more experienced with GPS navigation devices or apps in general! It's also great how you can customize your own routes/directions by selecting different points of interest along them which makes everything easier when traveling alone without having someone else drive me around all day (which would be impossible). The only thing about this device was its price tag - not much money at first but after using one month we realized there were some features missing compared other similar products out here so now our family uses two Garmin units instead just 1 nuvio unit because they have better maps than theirs!! This has helped us save time while going places since before everyone had their phones everywhere nowadays people don't carry anything unless needed unlike back then where if something happened my parents always knew what i did last night etc..See full review

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IHealth Thermometer Vibration Notification Thermopile

When the baby was born, we bought an inexpensive digital thermometer, which, as it turned out later, is inconvenient to use and takes a long time to wait for the result. Not much better than ordinary mercury. It so happened that the child fell ill, they did not help us in our clinic, they prescribed ineffective treatment, and we went to a private clinic to see a pediatrician. First of all, the doctor measured the temperature with an infrared thermometer, brought it to her forehead, a few seconds and the result is ready. The kid did not even have time to understand what happened. That's when I realized that I want to buy the same for home use. It was the company that she had that the doctor did not recommend because of frequent breakdowns. We began to look for a reliable option. For the price and quality we were advised by the Chinese. They did not doubt, since this company was checked by us, they took phones and a router. Everything is working properly. The device was packed in a small box: With detailed instructions and pictures: I bring the thermometer to my forehead and press the button. One second, the result is ready. We checked with mercury, everything converges exactly. The readings are displayed on the LED screen. The numbers are large and clear, you can see great at night. Unfortunately, tonight we had another chance to test the thermometer. The baby had a temperature of 39.2. I could not believe my eyes and went for mercury. I kept it for seven minutes and the same result - 39.2. They knocked down the heat with syrup and monitored the decrease in temperature every five minutes. It was very convenient and fast, with mercury the whole thing would have dragged on for a long time. The infrared device is made in a beautiful white color, very concise. In the hand lies easily, excellent. Not bulky. The only button you need to press is: Side view: The same part that is brought to the forehead: The thermometer does not squeak when the result is issued, but vibrates slightly. I took the temperature of the baby without waking him up with a beeping device. This is a huge plus, since it is difficult to put a wake up and sick child to bed later. I am very pleased with the purchase, but I hope that I will not have a chance to test it yet. See full review

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The ability to create custom ads that can be run across our platform. I wish there would be more flexibility around ad scheduling. Sometimes we have to do manual work to get things set up correctly for a particular time period. It's great to use the midroll platform instead of creating our own code. We're able to see data about who listens to what shows and where they are located geographically. The quality of the ads is very high. The team is very responsive and always goes above and beyond to make sure we are satisfied. I dislike that the ads are sometimes too long and that the audio quality can sometimes be low. Midroll has helped us bring in new listeners and increase our overall audience. We receive compensation from Midroll for every user who listens on our platform. See full review

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GOTIDEAL Canvas Boards Canvases Painting

For an artist or a creative person who wants to do drawing or painting, it is important: what to draw, what to draw and on what to draw. Now let's focus on the third point - this is the material on which the masterpiece will be created, maybe it will be paper, canvas or just a wall. Picturesque paintings adorn our home: in summer they can give the coolness of a winter morning and caps of white-blue snow on the top of a spruce, and in winter, on the contrary, they can warm with a hot southern sun and cover with a wave of warm blue sea. To create a picture that will give all this to a person, a canvas is needed. The canvas must be primed and stretched over a wooden frame - one of the best canvases is DALER ROWNEY's STRETCHED CANVAS, made in the UK. I already wrote a review about a portable field easel made by this company. The canvas itself is woven and primed in Vietnam, stretched on a frame in China, and I bought it in the USA. Canvas sizes are commercially available from small to large. The canvas is packed in a transparent heat-sealable film and is packed in 2 pieces in one package and wrapped again, i.e. it has a double package of film, which protects the canvas from moisture and damage. The canvas is of good quality, even and without pulled out loops, the fabric is primed evenly without gaps (there are no unprimed or poorly primed areas), the canvas is without sagging, i.e. stretched tightly on a wooden frame and secured firmly with metal brackets. Painting with oils or acrylics is a pleasure even for inexperienced beginners. Canvas STRETCHED CANVAS by DALER ROWNEY, made in Great Britain, is completely ready for creative work. See full review

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The ability of this tool is that it can be used in different ways depending upon your requirements as well as budget plan you have chosen before using the product. It has all features which are needed by any advertiser or marketeer who wants more control over his campaigns rather than relying only on Google's AdWords system. So far I haven't found anything negative about its use because everything seems perfect so far. We were able to get better results from our advertising campaign compared with old tools we had been working with previously.See full review logo

I'm using pudding to monitor all my campaigns with their reporting system, which is very useful for me since i can access them from anywhere at any time! It's also easy to implement an API if needed. Honestly haven't seen anything that I dislike about this product so far, it has been working well as expected when used according to its tutorials, instructions and documentation provided. If they would add more features or better explain how we should use each one of those (not just tutorial), that could be cool too! We're solving our problems related to targeting different audiences, campaigns monitoring, getting reports etc., everything was easier when managing multiple accounts through tools like this one. See full review

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