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Review on Sarah Noked Online Business Management by Jerardo Phi

User Friendly Software With Fantastic Customer Support

I like that it is easy to use, simple design layout of all my online stores which makes them very user friendly! The only thing i dislike about this software as opposed to other programs are some features such as uploading product images or creating new products within each store can be difficult at times but not impossible just time consuming - you get used too quickly though once its set up for what ever reason everything works perfectly so no real problems with sarah noped-OMB!! if nothing else has helped me out then maybe have more tutorials available via video/webinar etc because there isn't much help offered when setting these things up (you will need someone who knows how they work).

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Keeping track & managing inventory across multiple websites. This allows us access from anywhere we want without needing internet connection everytime.

Pros & cons

  • Easy way tracking orders
  • Quick delivery options in place already built into system>no extra costs incurred by using sara nomed solution.
  • Very affordable service
  • Great customer support services team
  • Nothing
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