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Flash to Video Converter

It's easy to use and has an excellent interface that makes it very simple for anyone who knows nothing about flash or actionscript programming to get started with. There are tutorials available online if you need help at any point along your learning process. The program works well but sometimes takes a while to load when I have multiple tabs open. Sometimes there will be some lag time between clicking something in one tab and seeing its effects elsewhere. This isn't necessarily a problem per se, but can cause confusion. If you're looking for something relatively inexpensive that'll let you quickly edit and output videos from flash projects this tool is perfect! We needed a way of easily editing our school's yearbook photos without having to rely solely on Adobe After Effects which we don't license out because of licensing issues as we do other programs like Photoshop. See full review

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The best thing about this app is that it is a very simple and easy to use. It is simple, clear, fast and easy to use. It lets you get creative and helps you to get the most out of your Instagram feed. The worst part is the fact that it is a very expensive app for a free app. I strongly recommend this app. I have been using this app for around 3 months now and I have been satisfied with everything that Planoly has to offer. I am using this app to get the most out of my Instagram feed. I have been able to get creative and get the most out of my feed, plus, I am sharing more and more posts. See full review

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Sarah Noked Online Business Management

I like that it is easy to use, simple design layout of all my online stores which makes them very user friendly! The only thing i dislike about this software as opposed to other programs are some features such as uploading product images or creating new products within each store can be difficult at times but not impossible just time consuming - you get used too quickly though once its set up for what ever reason everything works perfectly so no real problems with sarah noped-OMB!! if nothing else has helped me out then maybe have more tutorials available via video/webinar etc because there isn't much help offered when setting these things up (you will need someone who knows how they work). Keeping track & managing inventory across multiple websites. This allows us access from anywhere we want without needing internet connection everytime.See full review

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I have been working in this field since 4 years! It is very professional, fast, user-friendly software that offers great tools at affordable cost - no expensive subscription required but it comes as part of our package (basic version which includes one year free trial). You can use many features like adding contact information when publishing press releases or managing multiple newsrooms so you dont need more time while publishing new messages and stories from all over world by using different channels available. Sometimes there are minor updates related only specific languages/countries because some countries/channels has not provided translation yet if compared against others; sometimes some images do appear blank though they look ok; also pressreleases section is still under development phase i hope soon will be better than previous versions. If someone needs something in short notice then its best way out rather writing long blogs etc where we spend hours waiting before getting results after wasting precious day's work. The team at Pressat are extremely helpful and always ready to offer help if needed, so far I have not found anything that could complain about their work. They do a great job of updating us on the progress and new releases that come up. I would highly recommend them. We use Pressat to distribute our news regarding our projects and events we are involved in. It is very efficient as they do all the hard work to push out our news. See full review

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I like that this tool can provide me with all the data, statistics and information I need to make informed decisions about my content strategy. The tool is very easy to use and it's not expensive. There are some options that I do not understand well yet. There are also some features that are missing, but they will be implemented soon. I would recommend this tool to any media marketer or digital marketing specialist who wants to have a better understanding of their target audience. It helps us to analyze traffic sources and reach our audiences more efficiently. See full review

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Apphitect Magento 2 Marketplace Extension

Ease of use and customization capabilities are some of the best features provided by this extension. The customer support is really good as well. It is very easy to integrate with other extensions too. I am not facing any problem when using apphitect multi vendor module, it has been serving me very well since its integration to my shop. There is nothing that I can say about this product which I would want to give as negative feedback. If you have any doubt regarding this product please do contact our sales team. We are providing world class support for our customers so they don't need to worry at all. They can get their doubts resolved easily via support tickets provided by us. Our customers who are having problems while integrating this product can easily resolve those issues by contacting our support team. This product is used for creating marketplaces. I liked that it was easy to use as well as customize for our own needs! It's not very expensive either so there are no complaints here! We were able to create an online storefront which allowed us to sell products from other companies we had created ourselves while also allowing customers to purchase them through their mobile devices or computers easily. See full review

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