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Review on Jlink Gaming Monitor Flicker Free DisplayPort Compatible 165Hz, Freesync &Amp, Low Blue Light, Tilt Adjustment, by Abe Bryan

This is a great monitor.

I have to admit, this is probably the fanciest monitor I've ever owned. I turn off the TV 4K 30Hz and the difference between day and night. The color profile and brightness look great (although I'm not literate enough to do actual testing), the size and stand are about what I'm used to, but I think I have to do something tell the keys. There's only one button, essentially a 4-way rocker switch, in other words there's a little tab on the back that you push from side to side. I'm not sure I like this switch, I have quite a hard time remembering everything and I often have to consult the manual. This 165Hz display is simple. WOW in games. I'm getting a little old for shooters, and over the past few years I've been pretty sure I've lost track of how to play these games well. This monitor showed me that this is not the case. The number of reviews and the real feeling of speed cannot be overestimated. Every character feels fast in Team Fortress 2, and the high refresh rate means that even with thrown weapons, it's very easy to track down enemies even in the air. When I played last night, I topped the server leaderboard as a mix of hunter sniper and demon knight. Enemy tracking and light cropping are easier than ever. In Apex I managed to win 5 out of 6 games in Arena. Of course, this is only a slight improvement on my previous stats, but still! I would have to work a lot harder to pull it off as a whole. I've played a few short games in CS:GO and really managed to climb up the leaderboard, and while I have a relatively high ping for this game (60-80ms), I found it to be a much smaller downside since it at 165 Hz I had an intuitive understanding of my enemies' body language, allowing me to predict their movements and overcome the mechanical discrepancy. All in all, this 165Hz low refresh rate monitor looks amazing and really helps to make your gaming experience smoother. Play anything with DisplayPort audio through the monitor's speakers. Over time I'll try to see HDMI, then I'll update the review.

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