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Review on Farnam Simplifly Feed Thru Control Prevents by Gelin Battle

I didn’t really believe, but the flies die

Flies are a real scourge for residents of private homes. And if there are animals, then just horror. Do not enter, do not approach. And in our area, ASF is also raging. The pigs are dying in batches. There is no cure or vaccine. So we try our best to save our pigs. In addition to quarantine, we are fighting flies. This is the most difficult, because you have to fight not indoors, but on the street. Everything is used - dichlorvos, tapes, baits. A neighbor's husband sells agrochemicals and she recommended Bayer "Flybite" food granular bait for killing flies. She has been using it for more than a year and says it helps. I trust my neighbors, she has never given me bad advice, so I bought it. However, I did not really believe in the effectiveness of the drug. Flybait comes in different packaging. The most popular - buckets of 2 kg at an average price of 1500 hryvnia. But we do not need so much, and there is no money. Therefore, we took a 50g package for 70 hryvnia. Small packaging is an opaque bag with a small label. There is also a very small package in 5g ampoules, with a cardboard instruction. Depending on the store, such a bottle will cost from 5 to 8 hryvnia. True, for 5g it is simply called a byte, but this does not change the essence, everything is the same, only the calculation of the required amount is slightly different. The label contains all the necessary information about the product and the manufacturer. The drug can be stored in a sealed form for several years, the main thing is to comply with the storage conditions indicated by the manufacturer. The bait is recommended to be scattered at the rate of 2.5 g per 1 sq. area meter. On flies, it acts as a contact poison. According to the manufacturer, the bait will last 2.5-3 months. I did not dare to sprinkle the bait, so that the piglets would not accidentally eat. So I cut plastic bottles. The solution is not the best, the containers turned out to be too deep. Using self-tapping screws, I screwed the bottles to the wooden beams in the barn. Bayer Flybait Food Grade Flybait is a small yellow pellet. In addition to the main active ingredient, which is a poison for flies, special components are added to them that attract these same flies and make them eat the bait. At the same time, there is also a bitter substance in the composition, thanks to which this thing is not eaten by birds. The bait hung for a day and I did not notice much effect. She decided that the remedy did not work and stopped paying attention to it. A few days later the bottles were filled with dead flies. There are no fewer flies, but they are dying. Again, we must take into account that we are fighting them on the street. I think indoors the effect will be more noticeable. While writing a review, my husband found instructions for small packaging, so I'm attaching a photo. Summarizing. I can say that the flies from Bayer Flybait Food Grade Flybait die, so I can highly recommend it.

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Pros & cons

  • Flies die
  • Not always convenient to use