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Review on Highly Efficient Seachem Purigen for Freshwater & Saltwater Filtration by Sherry Peterson

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did not help, not recommended. stick with activated charcoal.

this product did not suit me at all. it "cleaned" the water for 2 days, then the water looked cloudy. like a water change. I checked all the Purigen bags, cleaned them and then put them back in the filter and little white balls appeared all over the tank. Pulled out the purigen. I cleaned the filter and changed 30% of the water. I do not recommend this product. I've read the reviews and it seems to work for some and not for others. Used 2 packs in 110 Aqua Clear Filters. installed 80 gallons. Aquarium, heavily planted, with 8 discus, 4 kori, 4 loaches. So back to activated charcoal for me.

  • beautiful thing
  • without machine gun