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Review on LIKU Black Professional Inline Skates Unisex by Brandon Mcvey

Revainrating 4 out of 5

these are a full rocker set up

These are full rockered, which means the wheels in the front and back are a size smaller than the two middle wheels, that is for someone who has rollerblade experience bc a full rocker is hard to get used to and is used mostly for slalom skating which is an ice skating/dance type of skating which is amazing to watch but either buy a set of even wheels or be in for a learning experience. I was worried bc it was a hit or miss type of buy when considering the reviews, I guess I just got a decent batch of skates, stood up to some bench jumps and drop offs. The frame is still okay, tbh you should upgrade all the parts , like wheels, hardware, if you can afford it the frame, bc the boot is sweet and everything else is upgradable and might not last, ONE COMPLAINT they are kinda slow for my taste but I know some knew wheels and barrings will fix that plus the frame is just a bit high and compact but is something you can get used to easily, but I honestly dig the skates. They work out great for me, still nervous when abusing them bc of the other reviews but as of now they are taking the beating.Update: learning to skate rockered set up is definitely a new experience, I have some crappy road here and my wheel screw fell out along with the wheel which scared me, but I found them and just tightened it a bit harder, went out today and they lasted, frame I was scared of but I jumped a bench three times and they survived, I was soooo nervous about trying that. Idk they are definitely upgradable, and the boot is just amazing and sick!

  • The skates feature ABEC-7 bearings, ensuring fast and effortless gliding
  • No option for larger or wider sizes