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Review on Yahoo Finance by Hasan Abbas

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Yahoo Finance- 21st among Financial Media platforms

Hello everyone, friends. My review today will be about Yahoo Finance. As we can see from the name Yahoo finance, it is a financial media platform. I did a lot of research on this platform, but came across some annoying things. Despite being world-famous, there is almost no information or research available on the internet about this organization. That's why I decided to do some research on this. Let's move on to our review of Yahoo Finance.

Basic information about the platform

Yahoo Finance was created on January 19, 1997. In the sources, the headquarters of the platform and the place where it was created are stated as New York, USA. The platform belongs to Yahoo company, one of the world's giants. This increases the trust in this financial news platform exponentially. Yahoo Finance provides its users with newsletters, stocks and other current market prices, financial news, reports and much more. Most of the users of this platform are people who want to follow the market closely. The platform not only publishes news by working with other media outlets, but also shares original content thanks to its own journalists. I think this makes the platform better and faster. I took a look at the statistics about the platform and was able to get some ideas about it. Yahoo Finance is ranked 21st in the world in the list published by SimilarWeb, I think this is a pretty high statistic. Let's move on to the usage style of the platform and some other information.

Yahoo Finance website, its use and the services it offers to its users

When we log into the Yahoo Finance website, a very nice looking and useful interface welcomes us. I ca

img 1 attached to Yahoo Finance review by Hasan Abbas
img 2 attached to Yahoo Finance review by Hasan Abbas

n say about the site that visitors can find almost everything they are looking for on the first page. If you take a look at the screenshots I've included in my review, you'll see what I mean. This site is pretty simple, so it's almost impossible to tire visitors. At the same time, as you can see from the photos I added, it is possible to see all the trending news and market situation on the first page of the site.

img 3 attached to Yahoo Finance review by Hasan Abbas

It is possible to use this website both by registering and without registering. But if you register on the site, you will have many superior powers unlike other visitors. For example, this site allows its registered users to create a portfolio for themselves. In this way, users can find the type of news they want more easily. The worst feature of the platform is that there are too many ads on the site. This is pretty annoying. I hope the platform authorities will fix this situation soon.

  • Has so many features
  • Visitors manage to find almost all the news they want on the first page.
  • Registered users can access all the features of the site and even create portfolios.
  • The site contains too many ads.