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Review on LG 27UL500 W 27 Inch Freesync Technology 3840X2160P, Tilt Adjustment, Wall Mountable, High Dynamic Range, ‎27UL500-W, IPS, HD by Jason Anderson

Jack of all trades, master of nothing

Overall I like this monitor and am happy with my purchase. I use this monitor for three main purposes: my Xbox One S gaming monitor, my vertical monitor for productivity, and since my office is also in my bedroom, as a movie screen at night. This monitor is good at all three tasks, but doesn't excel at any of them. The HDR effect is not convincing even with extensive calibration. When viewing HDR sources, a faint white film appears over the image on the screen. In my opinion the color in the background is actually deeper if not in HDR mode. As others have pointed out, I think it has to do with the low peak brightness since it's a computer monitor and not a TV. However, it works with about 15 feet as a too small TV stand. I connected an XBOX One S via HDMI and the display runs at 4k and switches correctly between HDR and non-HDR sources (with a brief dimming moment, which is standard in my experience). When I compare the HDR calibration screens on my XBOX to my low to mid range 4k HDR TV, the TV has a much more dramatic HDR effect. This monitor technically supports HDR, but that's not impressive, if you can even tell. However, I did experience HDR issues when using my computer, which had a noticeable impact, but not for the better. I have an MBP 2020 connected via Displayport and HDR is not enabled on my MAC. But the monitor tends to treat the signal as an HDR input, resulting in a horribly oversaturated picture. To fix this problem I have to toggle my OS's HDR setting on and off a couple of times and then the monitor seems to randomly detect it. A bit annoying but manageable and all firmware and drivers are up to date. Overall, I'm not dissatisfied with this monitor, but I'm not thrilled either. I still give it 4 stars because of the features it offers given the price. But gamers looking for a monitor in this price range should consider sacrificing 4k and HDR for a higher frame rate monitor. I don't think the display is accurate enough to use for intensive graphic design, especially if you want to work with HDR video. You won't be blown away by the deep blacks or the vivid detail that HDR is meant to offer. However, if you're looking for an all-around display that can handle all of those tasks at an acceptable level, then this monitor might be for you.

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  • Very happy for $250 27ul500-w Good to have 4k on the table. Not too big, super sharp
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