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Review on WePay by yosmal herrera

Do you want to make one or more payments?

Having a payment solution that allows us to buy immediately and enjoy financing or flexibility to pay for our products is a resource that is always convenient to have on hand to avoid any inconvenience in our daily purchases.
In this sense, WebPay becomes a good ally for those who frequent both credit and debit cards as a means of payment and people affiliated with the REdcompra platform.
What benefits do users of this payment platform enjoy?
• They can use three forms of payment: Redcompra debit cards, prepaid purchase or credit card
• Security for the merchant and user when using a card validation mechanism with respect to their ownership
• Payment authorization prior to the validation of the buyer's identity
• Access to the WebPay Plus online platform as a form of payment, through the generation of a commercial code that authorizes the purchase
• Access to the Webpay Plus Mall application to carry out a single transaction for a series of payments

Pros & cons

  • It does not limit transactions to a particular schedule
  • Reliable security support
  • Provides flexibility in the form of payment
  • Offers a means of payment to debtors of the portal and cardholders or affiliates of Redcompra
  • The products that can be paid are established by the merchant
  • Supports only three payment methods