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Review on OpenSea by Enoch Ogbudu

Opensea is a digital market for crypto collectibles

Open sea is a digital market that enables its customers both home and abroad to purchase,sell and also have full access to exclusive cryptocurrencies.Opensea is a crypto platform for non-fungible tokens(NFTS) and for crypto collectibles

Open sea aims to establish an enlightenment program which will enlighten beginners on how to sell and create crypto art(NFTS) with its unique step by step guiding of beginners

Open sea makes it very easy for people to create an account easily without the use of KYC which enables registration to be a stress free process unlike other cryptocurrency platforms that requires KYC

In addition, open sea creates an enabling environment for its users to earn rewards by uploading of designated images,3D arts,Audio clips and unaccessible contents,stats.

I highly recommend open sea crypto platform because by just being a partner with this platform users can easily get access to exclusive things like Instructions on how to securely make use of open sea and lastly NFT drops.It is a secured and legit crypto platform.

Pros & cons

  • Opensea does not make use of KYC which ensures easy and fast sign up
  • It is fast and easily accessible
  • Opensea users can earn rewards and also upload their works
  • It makes use of P2P
  • Users have access to crypto collectibles
  • I have no negative review

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