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Review on Now Foods Double Strength L-Lysine Hydrochloride Supplement, 1,000 mg, Amino Acid, 100 Tablets by Josh Moore

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bought to enhance the effect of the iron preparation

BAA Now Foods "L-Lysine decided to buy 2 years ago, after I felt bad due to low ferritin. Since at that time I was breastfeeding the baby, Russian iron preparations were contraindicated for me (the baby poured out on them), I decided to buy with iherb.However, I needed a quick effect, because the iron continued to leave my body for the baby, I was very tired. After reading reviews about iron, I realized that L-Lysine with vitamin C enhances the effect of the drug. Then I read that L-lysine helps athletes lose weight, copes well with colds on the lips, enhances calcium absorption, has a great effect on hair growth, supports immunity well, etc. In short, there are many pleasant bonuses. But let's describe my impression of L-lysine. I always took it in the morning on an empty stomach 30 minutes before meals. If you need additional energy, then take it immediately before training. But it was important for me to raise ferritin and improve my well-being, so after breakfast I took iron and vitamin C. A week after the start of taking L-Lysine, she took tests, although her health improved. So the indicator increased from 8 to 11 units, entered the limit of the lower limit of the norm. Then I drank iron, L-lysine and vitamin C for another six months. Also a nice bonus - the cold on the lips disappeared, it has been gone for more than 2 years. For me, this is not typical, because it is worth sneezing, the next day there is a nasty sore on the lip or cheek. But now she is gone. If it seems to me that the lip starts to hurt a little, I drink L-lysine for 3-5 days. And one more noticed fact. In May last year, she was ill with the well-known sore "crown”. Since I was breastfeeding the child, I could not take pills. So I just took out all the vitamins that I had at that time. L-lysine, vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium, vitamin D3 and saw increased dosages. L-lysine 2 tablets per day. She was ill for 8 days stably, plus 1.5 months her breathing was restored, she suffered from shortness of breath. The child was breastfed for another 3 months after the illness. The entire period of recovery drank vitamins. And the treatment was under the supervision of a doctor and tests. Since it is prone to thrombosis, it was notably frightened. The first 3 days I drank paracetamol, when it was very bad. But she took the pill after breastfeeding the child and tried to keep him on complementary foods longer without breastfeeding. The child did not get sick No one in my family got sick except me. I am writing all the pills to be honest, because I don’t think that L-lysine alone helped, only the complex. Now I would add zinc. Our children are prescribed zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D3 from the corona (there was a quarantine in the garden). By the way, L-lysine is not allowed for children, as well as for pregnant women, it affects the growth of the fetus and child. And do not forget about protein, or we eat more meat or add protein to food. Without a normal amount of protein, L-lysine may not work. The package contains 250 tablets, enough for a long time. Since I drink courses of 1 tablet a day, the jar has been standing for 2 years, 1/3 of the tablets are left.

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