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Review on Now Foods Double Strength L-Lysine Hydrochloride Supplement, 1,000 mg, Amino Acid, 100 Tablets by Chris Wade

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You know, this is a miracle for those who suffer from herpes.

Unfortunately, I belong to those unfortunate people who are carriers of the herpes virus. I won’t go into detail about the disease - it’s not about him. I will say briefly, so that you understand what a big problem it really is. Once you catch this virus, you will never get rid of it. It remains in the blood forever and manifests itself in stressful situations. If the immune system is weakened (I have had it since birth), then the virus will attack at the slightest hypothermia, cold, runny nose, and even overwork or stress. It can appear from the sun in the south (and this happened to me). There are different types of this virus. I suffer from not the worst (in my opinion) but not the most pleasant virus like HSV-1. Already than only and as soon as he was not treated to me. Nothing helps. Even in those moments when the immune system is in order and I don’t get sick at all, the virus still manifests itself, I react to loads and stress. I'm getting these nasty blisters on... my nose. This is terrible! First of all, it hurts terribly. It is impossible to blow your nose (sorry for the details) and even just wash your face. Second, it's very ugly. The nose swells, it hurts, it looks terrible from the side, scaring away others. And the saddest thing is that it does not heal for a very long time. Herpes attacks me every winter (and sometimes even in summer, spring and autumn) for many years now. Some skin defects even appeared on the nose, as the virus leaves certain damage on the delicate skin of the nose. In general - a real disaster, just some kind of attack. And when I saw a drug called Lysine on the website of health products and read the indications ... I decided to buy without much hope. How much I have tried - is this substance really able to help? Girls - it turned out to be a real miracle! I did not expect such an effect. It doesn’t even fit in my head - how can this be? So many years of suffering, several courses of autohemotherapy, constant waste of money on ointments - all to no avail. And when the drug helps so quickly and effectively, and not a single doctor even hinted at its existence to me ... You know, I was once again surprised by the "power" of our medicine. If I had known earlier, I would have avoided such skin damage and other unpleasant moments. Well, I’ll finish singing the praises and tell you about this wonderful drug in more detail. Packaging is standard for Now Foods. I have already bought many different preparations from this manufacturer (you can read about them in my reviews) and, in general, I am completely satisfied with the quality. I trust the manufacturer. On the label, the name of the drug and dosage. What is L-Lysine? L-Lysine is an essential amino acid. This means that it is not produced in the body and the only way to get it is to eat certain foods in large quantities or ... use dietary supplements. Since lysine is found in rabbit meat, veal, soy, pork, some types of fish and some dairy products, it is reasonable to note that it may not be enough for the body. We do not use these food groups often (especially me personally) Lysine is essential for the production of all proteins in the body. This is especially true for hormones, enzymes and antibodies. L-lysine is essential for the absorption of calcium by the body. L-lysine supplements can help support a healthy immune system, which is exactly what matters in the case of herpes. Actually, for the ability to suppress viruses, I bought it. On the packaging there is a 1:1 scale image of a traditional Now Foods tablet. Please note - this is important in this case. One tablet contains L-lysine (with L-lysine monohydrochloride) 1.0 g (1000 mg). Other Ingredients Cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate (vegetable source), stearic acid (vegetable source) and vegetable coating. Nothing hazardous to health. As a dietary supplement, the manufacturer recommends taking 1 tablet on an empty stomach 1 to 2 times daily. I accept a little differently - read below. The shelf life of the drug is decent. Now I do not regret that, at one time, I stocked up on a drug at a reasonable price. Now, in connection with the fall of the ruble, it would be unprofitable to buy. L-lysine is closed with a tight cap. The first opening is accompanied by tearing off the protective tape. the lid then closes well, but there is no child protection here - put the pills away! There is a protective membrane under the lid. Well, under the membrane ... huge pills. I'm not kidding - they are giants! Look at the pills!!! The tablets are white, smooth, odorless. For comparison, I put vitamins for women next to them, which I now also take. The difference is very big. You know, even with my rich experience eating large American dietary supplements, these capsules turned out to be too tough for me. Swallowing such a pill is difficult - to be honest. There is a chance of choking. Therefore, once again I warn you that the jar must be pushed into the far corner so that the children do not get it. At first, I just... chewed on a pill. She's sweet on the inside, nothing bad. Then I decided that this is not the best option. The shell protects the contents from the aggressive environment of the stomach and allows the capsule to penetrate into the intestine, where absorption occurs. Therefore, if you want it or not, you have to swallow it whole. I do it with a large sip of water - I seem to have adapted. Although sometimes the pill still gets a stake in the throat - you have to drink it down. And I also realized that I can’t take Lysine Now Foods dietary supplement on a very empty stomach. Then there are some unpleasant sensations. So I prefer to swallow something easy (at least a spoonful of cereal or a piece of cheese) and then drink Lysine Now Foods dietary supplement. Now for the effect. He just stunned me! You can imagine the joy of a person who has been tormented for many, many years and suddenly received relief. Here it is about me! My herpes froze and hid without showing signs of life. Already several times this winter there were moments when herpes simply had to appear. A month ago, for example, I caught a terrible runny nose. This is when it pours out of the nose so that at least plugs insert. Your eyes are watery, everything itches and itches, and you constantly sneeze. Horror! Usually, after such conditions, herpes instantly takes its favorite place - my nose. It doesn’t happen differently for me at all - malicious bubbles always appear. But not this time! Yes, the nose began to itch and itch. I had already prepared for the worst and was saddened that Lysine Now Foods was empty. But... there was no recurrence. the nose itched, itched, but the herpes did not show itself. There were several such moments. Considering that during the winter I usually have two or three relapses, the possibilities for herpes to manifest were given a lot. but he did not show himself - he sits quietly. You have no idea how glad I am. I think it's all thanks to L-Lysine, since my life has not fundamentally changed. On the contrary, there is more stress, since I am now opening my own business, and the workload is only increasing. I also want to note that recently my son caught the flu virus. Classic case. Apparently in transport "gave". Naturally, for the first couple of days I did not leave my son and contacted him very closely. But - the virus did not even touch me, it passed by. I think that Lysine from Now Foods could not do without the help here either. After all, usually, if the son is ill, then I get ill in the same way. You know, I even managed not to catch scarlet fever from a child when he brought it from school a couple of months ago. This is such a wonderful lifesaver. I will buy it for any money, because the torment from relapses of herpes is much worse than paying 500-600 rubles. Of course, I bought it for 300 rubles before the crisis. Now the cost has exceeded 600, but this will not stop me, to be honest. The package is large - 100 capsules. That is, it will be enough for all three winter months and still remain. Naturally, I recommend Now Foods Lysine to anyone who, like me, suffers from this virus. You will feel like a man!

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  • Suppresses the herpes virus HSV-1 completely, helped not to get the flu, large package, one dose per day.
  • Large capsules, price.

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