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Review on Max by Jerry Ford

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Very good solution for modern communications!!!

It's easy use with our team is awesome as well! This tool helps improve efficiency within my organization in such areas like training programs/applications etc., employee satisfaction (as it can track all comments), monitoring progress reports and even provides feedback from customers about service issues which leads to improved customer experience overall.

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I do not dislike anything while working with max but would love more integrations with other platforms or features that are available via API integration so we could utilize them together. For example using an app called kubefish - we have integrated both to create better content management across multiple departments at one time. The software is simple yet very powerful with its ability to deliver relevant content in real time depending upon your user's needs at that moment or day! It can be cumbersome when it comes down from an update but once we get everything back up again I have no complaints about how easy they make their products are useable by us as employees/employers alike!! We've been able increase our productivity while improving retention rates which was always one struggle before max came along.

  • Easy access for new users
  • Very effective search engine where you'll find what people need quickly.
  • Super helpful live chat support whenever needed, fast responses too!!!I think this has helped me reach out much easier than ever due tioh
  • So-so