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Review on Sterile Individually Sealed πŸ§ͺ Litetouch Syringe: Ensuring Ultimate Safety by Wendy Rodriguez

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The syringe subconsciously excites some men, because there is a syringe - there is also alcohol)

I bought syringes in the same pharmacy where I bought Diclofenac injection solution. My husband, of course, asked for a pill for a sore leg, but I was adamant: either injections or amputation :)) It costs mere pennies to inject now, the price of a syringe is 9 rubles, it would be something to type into it)) Syringe with a needle, disposable injection, volume - 5 ml or cm3. So many different syringes passed through my hands during my studies at the medical school, which is enough for a regiment of soldiers)) I know very well which are better, which are worse, which are stupid, and which are suitable for a child. Honestly, when buying this time, I was guided by exclusive gender. There was an option to buy syringes with a thinner needle, but I also had experience when I wanted the best, but there was such a force majeure that I will never forget. The packaging is the simplest - paper and cellophane. Sealed. Country of origin: Germany. Now for the application. Syringes can be used in different ways, not only for injections, my granny uses a regular syringe to prepare delicious "drunk" salted tomatoes)) On the package you can see the date of manufacture and expiration date. Shelf life - 5 years. Such a bag opens easily, there is a small "tail" on the side, and then you just need to pull, and then "the chest just opened")) The syringe is plastic, the cannula and piston are black, the scale is also printed in black, the divisions are distinct, the numbers are large. Can you imagine how convenient all this is now, but before that syringes were not disposable and were boiled, and these curved needles, as I remember, it becomes so funny, but I was in practice and saw that civilization did not reach all corners of our vast motherland... The convenient handle of the piston moves easily; If air gets inside, get rid of it easily. Now about the needle. Of course, I could buy thinner, this is 0.7 mm (thickness) by 40 millimeters (length). The only case in my entire practice when I have ever given injections to someone was that the needle broke, it just broke off. Thank God, it was not a patient, but ... my husband! When I injected a needle into his ass, this coward tensed his muscles and the needle simply broke. He was lucky that she did not remain in the body, her tip was sticking out, I was able to take hold of him and pull him out. I no longer buy thin needles for him. Since then, he has never been given injections in this place)) So I prick him in the thigh. The needle is long enough to enter deeply intramuscularly. Good straight cut, sharp tip.

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