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Review on Philips Computer Monitors Philips 276E8VJSB 3840X2160 UltraNarrow DispalyPort Tilt Adjustment, Flicker-Free, Blue Light Filter, ‎Flat Monitor by Ryan Gould

That's fine with the iMac 5K. Given the price compared to competitors, THIS IS EXCELLENT!

Well enough, I'm coming from using an iMac 5K and the difference is NOTICEABLE to say the least. I can't even compare them. But recently I decided to trade my iMac in for a Mac Mini M1. Being on a budget I thought it would be a steal and to be honest it is beautiful. The areas where it falls short compared to the iMac shouldn't be used since the iMac costs $3,000, and that's less than 10% of that amount. Even if the price of computer components was 1500, the rest is almost the same as the price of the display. The closest thing to an iMac display is LG's $1,500 display, which was custom-designed by Apple when they pulled out of the display market a few years ago. Sharpness, crooked letters and sadly pixelated images) but great for the price considering it's a 4K monitor for less than $250. Some cons: I need 3200 x 1800, which is the best Mac resolution for 27" 4K-5K display. The default is 1920x1080 and I can't explain it. It then has options somewhere around 2k, then the weird 3k- Resolution which I'm sure is perfect for Windows Then at full 4k resolution every UI element looks too small As a programmer I had to set the vscode font to 18px-24px to make it visible. After a while I just switched to the 3K resolution provided and stuck with it.Sounds: I don't think it has a speaker but it does have a 3.5mm headphone jack.I used it and there is one slight delay but it works I kept using the mini connector because it sounds so much better Brightness: A bit annoying It's 100% fantastic you won't notice a difference between 70-95% brightness And between 0- 40% there is no change either.It feels looks like it has 3-4 brightness levels: 0-25, 50-75, 75-99, then 100. If you are in a dark room, you definitely need a screen protector for your eyes. Status: My NIGHTMARE. I have a small desk, and while I love pretty designs, I hate unreasonable ones, regardless of their aesthetic. This is probably the least useful and most imperfect part of the monitor. The arch is so large that it may only fit on a real table. If you have a monitor stand, hopefully you're luckier than me. The problem is that the stand is so short that the monitor is below eye level. I am in the process of purchasing a new stand large enough to hold a large bow. We have to add $30 to the price, almost $300 in total. Still not a bad monitor at $300. Considering Dell monitors of the same caliber sell for a whopping $700 I would buy two monitors of these and two more are glad to be worth again. Personally, this monitor is best suited for budget buyers, teachers, premium business buyers like managers, executives, etc. Gamers should look elsewhere. at 60 Hz it is not.

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  • Philips computer monitors
  • Packaging is not nice

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