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Review on πŸ“¦ Effortless Organization Made Easy with Command Clear Variety 17232 ES Hangs by Amanda Castillo

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Transparent handy hooks needed for attaching party items to the wall

Greetings, dear friends! It so happened in our family that before the birthdays of the household, especially the younger generation and the New Year, we decorate the house with balloons, garlands and other attributes of the holiday. The walls don't suffer because we use 3M's transparent Command Hooks. Here in such a package, the manufacturer has invested 20 transparent hooks and 24 adhesive strips. Also on the front of the package are the benefits: - does not damage the surface; - securely fastens; - does not leave marks. Yes, the manufacturer is not disingenuous, everything is so, if you follow the operating rules described on the reverse side. More on that below. By the way, we see the cost of goods on the package - 219 rubles. . Let's unpack and take a look inside. Please note that there is no hook in the middle of the block, so we have 20 hooks instead of 21, but 24 strips. Transparent design hooks are small, without notches, with a smooth surface. The catching element itself is located at a slight angle to the base. Now let's go directly to the process. According to the instructions, it is recommended to clean the surface on which the design hooks are to be glued with alcohol and dry. Do not use household detergents. We understand that the base is glued to the transparent hook, and at the same time we use the removal of the adhesive tape twice: - to glue the base directly to the hook; - to stick the hook to the surface to be decorated. The scheme is simple. Delete the strip. Glue on the hook. Delete the second strip. Press firmly to the surface, for 20 seconds. That's it. It is recommended to wait about 1 hour before use. Here is a photo with a hook closer. We see that the children did not glue the base very neatly. To the right is a pull tab for easy hook removal afterwards. There are no traces of glue left. By the way, it is very convenient in the instructions that recommendations for attaching and separately for removing the design hook are given separately. Do not use hooks on delicate wallpaper. In the photo below, the hooks are in action, but there is an error. The surface of the wallpaper is rough, with small "notches and depressions" in the pattern. The balls are hooked to the base, the "tie point", so to speak. Without using thread. So. In this situation, more precisely with such gluing and operation, the hooks do not last long, a couple of hours. All. Then they start to fall off. The reason is just that the rules of operation were not observed. And the manufacturer warns: perhaps not very good fastening to some vinyl wallpapers. If we use on a smooth surface, everything is perfect. Photo frames, for example, last for 5 years. And yes, do not use hooks with antiques, for obvious reasons. To summarize, I note that Command 3M transparent hooks do an excellent job of holding light objects on the wall if you follow the rules specified in the instructions. Thank you for your feedback, dear friends!

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  • Transparent, do not leave any traces of glue on the surface, durable if the rules of operation are followed
  • Difficult to find commercially, not suitable for rough surfaces

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