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Review on Renewed Samsung Galaxy A50 Verizon Smartphone in Black with 64GB Storage by Bali ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best I ever used, recommend it to everybody.

Yet: πŸ”΅ Samsung One UI is very convenient, many features and beautiful design, iOS is not even close. πŸ”΅ Fingerprint scanner. You can add only 3 (this is a minus πŸ”΄). It works not slowly, but not quickly, it works in 1-2 seconds, but there are no problems, just when you add a finger, do it correctly and from different angles and buy special protective glasses, they do not differ in price, but they do not affect the operation of the scanner . πŸ”΅ Face scanner - it was not possible to deceive with a photo either in normal mode, or with accelerated recognition. In normal mode, unlocking in 2 seconds, in accelerated mode in a second (not fast, but not slow), it works well at night, just a little slower. πŸ”΅ In general, scanners (both face and finger) work not fast, but not very slow either, they work in 8 out of 10 cases (if you put your finger and face well when scanning), there is enough speed, I don’t know why people complain. πŸ”΅ One speaker, loud and clear. It sounds great, but it vibrates into the lid and if you hold the phone without a case, you feel vibration from the speaker, but it's not annoying. πŸ”΅ The flashlight is bright, pleased (open the curtain to the maximum and click on the WORD "Flashlight"), there you can adjust the brightness of the flashlight.) and most importantly very wide, unlike the iPhone and Xiaomi, but the wide-angle camera with flash does not work (this is a minus πŸ”΄, but I already said: shoot only in good lighting) πŸ”΅ The design is awesome, in the black version there is generally fire, the familiar one is white, it also shimmers and looks like ceramics, despite the fact that it is plastic. πŸ”΅ Bluetooth 5 version, but you can’t connect several speakers at the same time, this is only in flagships (πŸ”΄) πŸ”΅ In the phone, two antennas and two SIM cards can use LTE at the same time. Internet maximum 4G+. πŸ”΅ Two SIM cards and a memory card, all in a separate slot, and not like in these iPhones with one SIM card and that's it

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  • Pros: πŸ”΅ Screen. The screen is large and high-quality, you can customize the color reproduction for yourself. Movies are a pleasure to watch, let alone YouTube. A drop (cutout for the front camera) does not bother at all, applications have long been adapted. πŸ”΅ Performance: Pubg supports extreme frequency at minimum, on balance you can play at ultra and not sweat, as I do, at high no more than 60 fps, at maximum 30-40 fps, Asphalt 9, 8 and Extreme go without lags at maximum , Call of Duty Mobile at maximum without lags around 60 fps, a lot of RAM (6 GB), applications do not fly out of memory. But the phone heats up quite a lot if you play while charging, it’s better not to play during it, because you will kill the battery, this applies to all smartphones in general. πŸ”΅ A lot of memory, 128 GB. Enough for everything, but with a memory card in general nonsense. I have a 128 GB version + Memory card for the same amount, it already costs 500+ applications. πŸ”΅ Battery. In everyday use, the battery lasts for 11 hours (social networks, YouTube, games), if you sit straight and play without interruption / download a lot of applications (during the initial setup, for example), then it lasts for 10 - 11 hours if you turn on the power saving mode (not especially something changes in terms of restrictions), then it lasts for all 13 hours, I attach screenshots. πŸ”΅ Cameras. The main camera is excellent, the pictures are clear. Wide-angle only on sunny days, in poor lighting there will be soap, but it’s very cool to shoot wide and, most importantly, it’s very convenient, despite the lack of autofocus. The night mode is normal for my money (at least it is here), I shoot 4k video through Google Camera. The camera is excellent, for the average user, and not "I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER FROM GOD GIVE ME A MIRROR" is enough for the eyes.
  • πŸ”΄ There is no optical video stabilization, but the built-in mode saves in good light. If you don’t shoot movies on your phone, then it’s normal, the only thing, only when shooting at night, stabilization would not hurt. πŸ”΄ There is no protection against water, but no one has it for such money

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