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Review on Renewed Samsung Galaxy A50 Verizon Smartphone in Black with 64GB Storage by Amar ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

What you need, a cool purchase, I advise you.

Frame. The body of the hat is complete. Very slippery and slick. As it turned out later, the back cover was made of org glass. Xs strong or not, but glows from the flash. Unrealistic to use without protection. And given the fact that all phones, with rare exceptions, are in cases, then the issue with the material of the case and soiling is removed from the agenda. Acoustics and communication. The sound at first seemed very mediocre, then I got used to it, the ears adapted (it’s quite loud and there is DolbyAtmos 💃). There are no complaints about the earpiece and microphone. The location of the main speaker is unfortunate for me, I often enter text with two hands, the speaker is blocked with my index finger. Memory and performance. With a memory of 4 gigabytes, it seems to be enough, although once it’s really sooo much blunted. So far I'm using android 9, I feel if I upgrade to 10k resources will decrease. I don’t use Google and Samsung accounts, I install applications from dimonvideo. Ru and trashbox, I transferred the main ones from the old phone. Well, built-in 64 is enough for the eyes. A 30g flash drive from an old phone (along with garbage) was also installed with two pictures, unlike some, all this is installed at a time. Camera. Everyone frantically discusses the camera as if it were a camera. Yes, a crappy camera, for 4 - (a purely subjective opinion based on the photos seen from phones for $ 200). Too blurry, not enough detail on the approach. Wide angle is good. But slow motion and hyperlax, in my opinion, are superfluous. Third-party video editors also cope with these functions. Considering how the screen scratches, it would be worth protecting the camera glass as well. Fortunately, the camera sticks out minimally, with a case it’s generally class, especially in comparison with xiomi laptop 7. Price. I took this miracle in the technohouse the last copy (6/128 ran out 😔) for 80,000 tenge / $ 200 / 14,000 + bonuses of 12,000 tenge. A51 was at that time twice as expensive, but I doubt that it is twice as good. Well, the poem turned out 🤦‍♂️🖐

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  • Screen. Amoled is certainly on top, but everyone is saying for some kind of shim. Spoils eyesight or not by science has not yet been proven. But there is a blue filter, I hope even filters. And 50 shades of gray, the screen becomes black and white . But a fly in the ointment is a screen coating, it scratches very easily. All urgently glue the protection. Already? Well done. Food. (healthy and so on.) I chose with a good battery, knowing that Chinese phones often have numbers with real capacity that do not match, and the brand is discharged at the sight of frost. I didn’t lose, if I don’t get out of the phone straight for a day, it’s enough back to back. If calls, social networks, YouTube, etc. . together with work, then for a day it will definitely be enough for the eyes. Fast charging and type-C thing - convenient as with my ex-wife, for the first time I charged in the morning before work. Half an hour and 70-80 percent.
  • Unlock. Unlock functions are extremely inconvenient. The imprint does not have a tactile place for a finger on the screen (unlike Xiaomi Note 7, it is more convenient on the back cover), if driving (who does not use driving, go . go on foot) or on the go, it is extremely difficult. It also often does not recognize by the face, then glasses, then a cap, then there is little light (it also blinds trying to hang the face with a screen). Moreover, like my old J2, it unlocks itself in the heat in a jeans pocket ! If the block is standing, then it enters emergency calls and is weird there. Now that's really annoying!

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