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Review on Magaya Supply Chain by Jeff Arellano

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Control and visibility of each operation

This platform is fantastic to track our operations, customers and shipments in real-time. You define the workflow using simple logic for each shipment, you assign a person to perform each task and you get notifications when something goes wrong. All this while allowing you to log into an interface where you can watch the progress and control flow of the cargo. Additionally, if you provide your email address you'll receive alerts about issues with your packages without needing to check your mailbox once per day or week. Overall a very valuable resource which helps me gain awareness of critical issues. Furthermore, as soon as I run into problems controlling the system I have at hand, I can immediately log into our system to make changes manually until I'm done resolving the issue.

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With CargoSystem you get full control over the shipment of goods via multiple channels (air, sea) in the most cost effective way according to all legal requirements with maximum efficiency. Using our SaaS-based platform you get comprehensive tracking with detailed reporting, flexible dispatches and real time updates. This also includes monitoring of all critical parameters during transport including weather conditions, ships positions, ship movements and more. Furthermore, your organization will benefit from high availability and security options.

Our partner Magaya Cargo System used Salesforce and our API to manage shipments. What we liked most about it was how easy it was to add additional shipping modes in case things go awry during shipment. Having control over individual operations and processes let us monitor the shipment right down to when freight gets checked in and loaded into truck, driver details, status updates, and so on. For example, knowing exactly when the truck leaves, when it picks up the cargo, when it arrives and delivers its load to the warehouse. Knowing this ensured that when cargo gets delivered it to the agreed destination. And this helped us to cut off delays or incorrect routes caused by traffic jams, strikes, accidents, weather conditions, natural disasters and many others...

Thanks for helping me manage all aspects of my small business operations remotely and making it easy to track my shipping and receive shipments throughout the day. I've even used it to coordinate orders across multiple locations. This app is very easy to use and simple to integrate with my accountants office. I love using it, especially when I'm working abroad, it saves our family a ton of stress and money.

  • Easy to use
  • Simple integration
  • Great support team
  • Pricing plan needs improvement
  • No mobile apps available yet