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Review on 500 Lbs Capacity Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carrier - CURT 18113 49" X 22-1/2" Black by Kanwar Mix

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Totally worth the premium pricing!

I own 2 other hitch cargo carrier trays, a smaller ATV raised style and the standard 60' wide metal wired bottomed trays. Both of those work and for the price, I think they're worth it., but this curt aluminum tray is on another level. The other cheaper ones I have are steel so they're heavy and the edges are a little sharp and the welds don't look that nice. The powder coating on them also fades in the sun after just one summer and all the joints start to show some surface rust after a winter (in California may I add) but again, I've had them for 2-3 years now and I still use them and they work just fine, but they are easily showing their age. The curt one however, this thing is nice right out of the box, the powder coating seems a LOT more durable (but time will tell), the welds are nice, and the material and finish are REALLY nice. Anyone that has a Rhino Rack or Front Runner roof racks will know how those feel in comparison to cheaper options, this curt carrier is the Front Runner/Rhino Rack of cargo carriers.My only complaint is that I wish the shank (the 2" support piece) was also aluminum as oppose to steel. The shank itself weighs more than the complete basket! But i'm sure for it to support the 500lbs capacity, it had to be steel but just wished they could've made it in aluminum somehow, that would have probably cut another 10 lbs off the carrier.Overall, I am loving this carrier so far, i would go as far as saying that it's "show quality". I wouldn't say it's a deal as it is 2-4x more expensive than the no-name made in china units. But if you want to just buy one quality unit, this is definitely the one, but if you just need one to use once a year to haul junk to the dump, you're probably better off getting the cheap stuff.Also, I know there are cheaper aluminum tray options out there a well (maxxhaul) but those used plastic corner pieces, i was concerned about those pieces breaking off, cracking, or as some reviewers pointed out, melted from the exhaust heat. The curt unit has no plastic at all, it's either aluminum (the basket), steel (the shank), or stainless (bolts). Wait, i take that back, the reflectors are plastic but that's it.Also for those that want it all black, the reflectors look like they are double sided taped on, so if you wanted to take them off, it looks like it wouldn't leave any holes, and the curt logo in the front (that faces the rear of the car) is just a sticker, it's not screened/painted on (at least on mines) so it comes off easily for a stealthy look if that's what you're looking for.

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  • CONVENIENT HITCH MOUNT. This aluminum hitch cargo carrier equips your vehicle with dependable, convenient cargo storage space, utilizing your trailer hitch receiver. It fits any industry-standard 2-inch x 2-inch receiver hitch
  • May not be suitable for carrying certain types of cargo, such as liquids or hazardous materials