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Review on πŸš— Car Fuel Leak Detector EI009G - Automotive Fuel Pipe System Leak Tester with EVAP System for Cars, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, ATVs, Light Trucks, Boats by Chris Chincuanco

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The product works perfectly

Bought a device to diagnose a suspected leak in the rav4 evaporator system. A leak was detected in the fuel cap area within 60 seconds of operation. It wasn't the gas cap that was leaking, it was a crack in the filler neck. I definitely left the unit running for about ten minutes while checking under the car for smoke, but the smoke was so heavy that I had to turn the unit off about 50%. Attention: The device heats up in the vicinity of the sight glass. Hot enough to burn your finger and melt the plastic filler cap. I think it was so hot because the liquid was incomplete or above the sight glass. Once the device was full, it didn't get as hot. I would recommend not letting the liquid go below half the sight glass. The product works great.

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