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Review on Filter under the sink Geyser Allegro by Czesawa Jasiska ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Not a bad buy, well worth the money.

Purchasing motive. Cheap and the presence of a filter unit from a similar system. This model has one carbon filter, and for "urban" operation it is worth adding one more "coal", which is done in the "Prestige" model. But there, after 2 carbon filters of 10 microns, water directly enters the membrane and the service life of the latter will probably be reduced. It is no news that the most expensive replacement element, the "membrane filter", is killed by poor mechanical pre-cleaning. I still have a block of 3 filter housings from the old system, and therefore I significantly increased the filter system and at the same time changed it a little. Standard Allegro scheme (5 µm-5 µm - coal). I made the following (5 µm-charcoal-1 µm). Those. now the water passes before entering the membrane, deeper mechanical cleaning and does not let small particles from the carbon filter to the membrane. In the additional pre-cleaner, I installed the following filters (10 µm-5 µm-charcoal). Thus, the lion's share of rust and mechanical suspensions will remain in the pre-cleaner and the filters of the main unit will not be overloaded. Those. as a result, before entering the membrane, water passes through the filter scheme (10 µm-5 µm-carbon-5 µm-carbon-1 µm). With this scheme, it was necessary to complicate the primary washing of the carbon filters. First, I washed the first block, dumping water with coal dust. Then, 1 µm was extracted from the second block. Washed out the coal dust and set in place 1 micron. Well, it is clear that according to the instructions, it is necessary to rinse the last coal filter so that coal suspension from the coal post filter does not get into the tank. I bought filters separately, since now delivery brings an order the next day, and the ability to choose from different suppliers makes purchasing a complete unit cheaper by 2-4 times than buying a kit in which there is no 1 micron or 10 micron cartridge. All clean water and good mood. And further. Leakage in my case is easy to fix. there it is necessary to replace the rubber seal, which I have from previous filters.

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  • Good device. Proven by time. Easy and cheap to maintain.
  • A small leak at the outlet of the carbon post-filter. A drop every 10-15 minutes.

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July 04, 2023
Has some pros So far satisfied! There is no scum. The installation was sorted out fairly quickly. The water is delicious! With its cons. Takes up a lot of space under the sink, but without it in any way