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Review on Motorola Moto Z2 Play Smartphone by Damyanti Dhasmana ᠌

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Not a bad buy, well worth the money.

He's really big. Previously, there was another phone, but he ordered a long life, so it was urgent to buy a replacement. I began to look, the main criteria for me were LTE and NFC. Won Z2 Play. For its modest price, it also offered a huge memory and other advantages described above. However, I agree with one reviewer: "I will not take this phone just to advise friends and colleagues, this is a very personal choice." - this is a truly individual phone that is not suitable for everyone. But if he sunk into your soul, then that's it, prepare the money.

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  • Not monobrows. 1 camera and not 100500 (not counting the selfie camera). 4/64GB. Of which about 50 are available. Turbopower - fast charging based on Quick Charge. Signature features such as Moto display and fingerprint control. Super AMOLED. NFC. Almost complete absence of pre-installed junk. The ability to "pump" the phone with the help of mods, of which there are many. The system is flying. The included headset produces surprisingly good sound. As well as the mono speaker - exceeded my expectations, sounds much better and louder than the stereo speakers in my previous unit. The battery lasts for a really long time, and with very active use. The screen does not require a protective glass film - with careful handling, and if you do not put it in your pocket with keys, dust and stones - it does not scratch. About the camera, it is not top, and not ancient. Quite a normal camera, shoots well. And he expects more and chooses a phone based on the camera - take a whale DSLR and you will be happy.
  • There is no event indicator, and although you can use a special application to set up a selfie flash for this, it will look too bright. Well, the biggest drawback is the upgrade to Oreo. In this ate, Lenovo has cut out SIP. Let's hope they return to Pie. Dear mods. An insignificant drawback: unfortunately only the 1-sim version is sold on our market. Moreover, the plug for the second SIM card in the tray is simply removed, and the contact pair is physically present. The second slot is blocked by software, you can unlock it, but they don’t do this in the official service. However, even before the calculation, I knew what I was taking, so for me it is not critical. Although it would be nice to have a second active slot.

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