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Review on Skytech Chronos Gaming Desktop Sceptre, HDMI by Mike Stoner

Good CPU and GPU. cheap elsewhere (and some problems)

Not sure why it took so long to ship, but it took over a month (in transit). I received the goods from overseas faster. Arrived safely with minimal damage to the box. Everything was in stock and the rule of thumb is to always put everything back in when it arrives, which is what I did. The motherboard is stunning, but it's not terrible and is common on commercial computers. The bios was several versions behind so I had to flash it. The graphics card is a high quality RTX 3070 and the drivers have not been updated either. No problem, I downloaded and installed it. The power supply is very cheap. In fact, this is the cheapest model of this brand. I see many complaints about the early failures of this model. We will see. The memory is the cheapest you can buy and has an average speed. The fans are of average quality but get the job done and have RGB. CPU quality with Ryzen 3700 (benchmark turned out better than expected). The hard drive is really disappointing. This is a cheaper model, and the speed is half that of a decent one. actually less than half. At first the PC started without problems. Played around with it for about an hour, updated drivers and so on. All of a sudden RGB stopped working. I went to the polychrome software and it saw everything but didn't respond. I restarted and the PC refused to start. Disabled, confirmed connections. it still won't load. All turned off, the flea load exhausted and left frustrated. Came back an hour later, it booted (wtf?). Researched and read problems with RGB software. I downloaded the latest version of Polychrome and am able to adjust the RGB again. Since then I haven't had any more problems (2 days). I played Cyberpunk 2077 on max settings with a slight hint of blur (but I think that's due to my own settings). Red Dead is flawless. The Ark is immaculate. Yes, he has small problems. Yes, they are cheaper in some areas where they could be better (particularly HD and storage). Is it worth what they charge? I don't think so, but I can build a PC and I know what I'm doing. BUT since you can't buy a decent graphics card anywhere, I think it was worth it. As long as they live up to the advertised one-year warranty on their parts, I can live with a failure-prone PSU. However, a slow hard drive should not slip. It's not even what I would call part of a gaming PC, so neither should they. *Update* The keyboard they provide is a pathetic joke. I've tried to give him time to adjust, but the fact of the matter is that it sucks. Not in quality, that's ok. that's the size. If you are over 10 or not a 90 lb woman, this is too low. I have small/medium hands and the buttons are too close together. I've been typing for over 30 years and I'm an IT professional so I can tell you this is the worst keyboard I've ever used. I feel sorry for those with big hands. *Updated July 29, 2022* PC still works with no issues. I replaced the standard keyboard with a good mechanical one and the mouse with the style I wanted, but the PC works fine. I turn off after gaming (only for gaming) but I play for literally hours without incident. Out of curiosity I did a 24 hour test and it was flawless. I'm really glad I went for the 3070 graphics card, which has never given me any problems and can be overclocked with moderation.

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