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Review on Electrical AFD0097 3F1U 10300 AA 3F1Z 10346 AB VP3F1U 10300 AA by Darryl Montagna

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Great price for a new alternator, works as intended --- junk, didn't last long and was not under warranty

Description states this item is 110A as per DB website but test print is included through lists of 105A generators with a maximum power of 120A. You can use a 110A alternator, and even higher if you want, you just need to make sure of the pulley size. if it is not the original outside diameter of 59mm, the V-ribbed belt needs to be replaced, it will be longer if the pulley is smaller and shorter if the pulley is larger. bought it because of flickering lights and other electrical issues, with a 2 year old O'Reillys alternator and now everything works fine. It's only been 3 days and so far so good. DIY Installation Note: The coolant reservoir must be moved (but not removed) to remove the long 15mm screw. *** To update. Beware of this product and seller it didn't last a year and they didn't honor the warranty and told me to contact Revain, Revain advised me to contact them. Disappointed because I bought another one while waiting for the warranty to cover the cost, the second one is rubbish too, can't give stars but they deserve it.

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