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Review on πŸ“± Huawei P40 Lite JNY-LX1 International Version - 128GB Crush Green, Dual 4G and 6GB RAM by Kise Renouvnch ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Nice price, good quality.

Personal preference (pros): β€’ Has 3.5mm mini jack headphone jack β€’ Emerald color. In reality, the phone looks very nice, although in the photos on the Internet in the green version it looks nondescript, somehow "swampy" gray. But as soon as I took it in my hands, I realized how much the photos do not convey that gamut of colors, shades of the iridescent emerald color of the case. β€’ The quad camera looks very stylish. After this, previous generations of smartphones with one or two modules seem to be inconspicuous. Personal preference (cons): β€’ The volume buttons are on the right side of the phone. It's unusual for me β€’ Unfortunate speaker location - bottom right, near the Type-C connector. If you are a fan of watching videos, movies, youtube, etc. without headphones, this type of speaker design will cause you a little inconvenience - you will involuntarily cover this place with your hand. The previous Samsung J7 smartphone had a convenient location - on the side on the right, on top. Hence the second minus - with a speakerphone, the sound is played from below, which is inconvenient for me. β€’ Of course, I would like a screen without cutouts and droplets. I took it with discounts and bonuses for 14500 in Aliexpress on August 30th. The device is definitely worth the money.

img 1 attached to πŸ“± Huawei P40 Lite JNY-LX1 International Version - 128GB Crush Green, Dual 4G and 6GB RAM review by Kise Renouvnch ᠌


  • The unequivocal advantages of the phone: β€’ Fingerprint scanner. Very fast, and most importantly - convenient. The scanner is located on the side of the lock button. After using a scanner with this layout type, you will never want to use other scanner layout types again. β€’ Battery. With full use during the day, you will not care about the percentage of the battery - more than enough for one day. β€’ Type-C connector. The main advantage of this type of connector is fast charging. What can I say, this function justifies itself. Up to 60-70%, the smartphone charges very quickly, after - a little slower. After reading a lot of articles about the use of batteries, I noticed a few rules for charging a smartphone for myself: do not leave it overnight for charging and keep the charge level from 20% to 80%. β€’ Performance. The phone is very productive, very smart and there are no lags and freezes in the interface when using it, the response is fast. Although you cannot rely only on synthetic tests, the Antutu-benchmark scores 280,000 in the test, which is a very good result. β€’ Camera. A good main camera module. Unfortunately, I have no experience using flagship smartphones, but the pictures are of high quality. Especially liked in the shooting mode "Night" and in the "Aperture" mode β€’ Sound. As someone who has not used flagship smartphones, I really liked the sound. Loud, clear, no rattling, high-quality sound transmission. Column one. β€’ Memory. Both RAM and main memory are enough: 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB for data storage. β€’ Display. I liked the screen quality. Color reproduction is good, no graininess. Viewing angles are also good. β€’ Face unlock is instant. β€’ Framelessness. The display occupies 90% of the front panel.
  • β€’ Lack of Google services. This is probably the main disadvantage of this smartphone. But this can also be leveled: either do not use them (someone does not need them at all), or try to use installation methods. I managed to install google services using youtube video tutorial (Huawei Nova 7i /P40 Lite Install Google App & Google Play Store). Everything works, except for Google-pay payment via NFC-chip (it works in applications). It is worth noting that I have firmware 10.1.020226. And I specifically did not ate the phone before this whole procedure. It is also worth knowing that after a complete reset, your Google services will "fly off", as well as all the necessary Google accounts you need to link during the installation process - after that you won't be able to. I am attaching a photo of a smartphone to the review, according to which the video that the google market is working (the photo was taken on samsung J7). β€’ There is no optical stabilization of the cameras. To be fair, there are no smartphones with this feature in this price segment. β€’ No case included. β€’ The factory film (already pasted on the smartphone) should be immediately replaced with a normal one: there is a high risk of scratching / damaging the screen β€’ The macro camera has a fixed focus of 4 cm. Well, it's worth saying that it is rather for show, and not for use.

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March 01, 2023
Got pros: Assembly camera CPU side fingerprint sensor headphone jack NFC charging 40w Got cons: For this price they just don't exist.

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