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Review on Counterpart Advisors by Barış D

They need to give a little more information about themselves.

Counterpart Advisors is an investment company that has offices in many different countries and centers around the world and is involved in very important projects in the field in which it operates. I can say that it is quite easy to contact them. For this company, which provides a user-oriented service, they carefully evaluate the ideas and projects of the user and the person they are dealing with.
I must say that this company, which was established 4 years ago and entered the market, is still very new. Although it is so new in terms of structuring, I have to say that this platform, which has a very good working principle, is quite good in this regard.
When I logged into the website, nothing but a contact address and a few information appeared. I can say that there are aspects that need to be developed a little more in this regard. When I checked whether they had accounts on social media, I saw that they did not have any accounts.

Pros & cons

  • Despite being newly installed, they work just fine.
  • A company with very good working principles and procedures.
  • There are no social media accounts.