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Review on πŸ’¨ Enhanced Electrostatic Installation Registers by Ventilaider by Ted Slaughter

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Kit includes a full mat and not enough tape

I'm sure this filter will work, but it's not adjusted to cut easily or evenly. The tape peels off after a few days of use, but the filter material seems to do the job of keeping the airborne irritants blown out of the air ducts. It's important to use lots of tape as some vents are not flat and require a lot more force to close. Not only that, the power of air can also easily remove the tape that doesn't have a strong hold on it. Velcro side is enough. But the sticky side doesn't keep it in place. So that was a real problem for me. Every fall and spring when my stove is on, my allergies become unbearable. I can't afford drain cleaning and teeth whitening, and neither will my landlord. So I definitely need something to protect my home from dust and allergy-causing allergens. This will happen when stronger tether and more are included. There would also be no problem gluing parts of the filter together if the pieces were precut. But that's not too bad as long as there's enough tape for the whole thing to install over the vents.

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