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Review on Philips Sonicare Replacement Toothbrush HX9023 by Joel Singh

Philips Sonicare Great device for little money - all pros and cons about this

This is the second electric ultrasonic toothbrush from this company, I generally love Philips and have been using several devices from this company for more than a year. I've been using it for a little over a year and overall it's good. The price is very pleasant for such devices 2390 rubles. Taking into account the discount in Mvideo for pickup, it turned out 1890 rubles, which is even more pleasant. For this amount I received a device, a charger and one nozzle. Packed in a beautiful sealed package, the nozzle has a transparent cap for hygiene. Of the functions, there is only the necessary. Two minute timer as recommended brushing time, charge indicator and low battery warning. There are no modes, but as for me they are not needed. Still only one is used. The charger is very convenient - a stand with a pin on which it is simply placed. The charger stays in one place all the time and the brush can simply be placed on the base and stored on it. Even without recharging, you can use it for up to a week, the intensity of movements gradually decreases. It cleans very well, to the point of squeaking on the teeth, cleans even those places that seem to have no access. Before using sonic brushes, I didn’t even understand how it really is clean teeth, I won’t use the regular one even when traveling. Teeth are much whiter and smoother. Cleans gently, does not injure the gums. It is convenient to use, you just need to slowly drive over the teeth from all sides in turn, no movements are required. The case is waterproof, the battery is not removable, it is installed in the case. The original nozzles are very expensive, about 1500 rubles for 2 pieces, but you can buy 4 pieces for aliexpress for 150 rubles, they are a little tougher, but almost identical to the original ones. They wear out much faster than the original ones. The charger and nozzles are suitable for almost all models, so there are no problems with consumables, there are in any hardware store. In the photo, a nozzle that has been used for more than 5 months, I just periodically disinfect it with boiling water.

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Pros & cons

  • Cleans great, low price, good quality
  • Minimal feature set, expensive attachments

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