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Review on KitabJam by Evgeniy Zaytsev

Convenient online book purchase with delivery

Recently, I had a need to buy a book, which is very difficult to find in my country. After searching the Internet for possible ways to buy, I came across the KitabJam store. It was a little scary to buy goods from another country, but in general I already had such an experience with China.

Waiting was the most exciting thing, but delivery, to my surprise, was quite fast - 3 weeks from the date of order. The packaging of the book was good, no visible damage was noticed.

Why did I decide to buy the book here? First - the price. In European countries, the price of my book was higher (rather due to delivery). Secondly, the availability of the necessary literature. The choice of books is large, maybe even more than where I usually bought books before.

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Updated 2 days ago
Rating has not been changed

Recently, I have been constantly ordering books from here, delivery has become a little faster and the choice of books is usually wider than in the shops of my city. The last order was received 3 days ago and it took about 30 days. I've had to wait much longer before, so I'm satisfied.

If suddenly you could not find any book, then most likely you will not find it anywhere.

Pros & cons

  • Fast delivery
  • Good price
  • Not found
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