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Review on πŸ”Š Nobsound Little Bear MC102 Mini 2-in-1-Out Stereo Audio Switch: Headphone and Speaker Selector Box for Audio Sharing (Black) by Dewey Galyon

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Working Well, and Hints

I'm using an MC102 with a single set of stereo speakers to allow selection of two computers as sound sources. It's working fine for me. I set the MC102's volume knob at maximum, then set my computers' volume controls as desired. I can then use the MC102's knob for a quick volume reduction when needed (about 1/4 turn from "normal listening" to "barely audible"), or use the mute button if needed. In either case, I don't have to bother with which computer I'm listening to or how (in?)convenient its volume and mute controls may be.Mounting Hint: The lower screw heads are somewhat shorter than the thickness of a pair of 3M Command picture hanging strips. So, two pair of the small size strips (NOTE: check seller & listing to avoid international shipping AFTER you select your quantity, AKA "Size Name", on the Walmart page) allow convenient mounting to almost any flat surface. I've got mine mounted vertically, on the side of a computer stand. It's light enough so you might even be able to mount it upside down underneath a shelf, though that's a NONrecommended use of Command products (they hold well in shear, but tend to slowly give way to tension, so beware).Usage Hint: The open-frame construction of the MC102 has a secret advantage. I can see the button positions (looking in through the side) from angles that block view of the face of the switch. So, I selected my cabling connections to the MC102 mnemonically: when the A/B switch button is more to my left, the computer more to my left is connected to my speakers. Likewise, button more rightward connects the computer more to my right. I can also see whether mute is engaged (button bottom more inboard of circuit board) or released (button bottom nearly even with circuit board).Another Usage Hint: The dual IN/OUT jacks on the MC102 are not in parallel. Using the one across from the A and B jacks cuts off the one between the A and B jacks, so the "far" jack is the one to use for headphones if you want to cut off speakers whenever you use headphones.

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  • How to use: β‘  connect two audio sources (like CD player / computer) to A/B ports and one audio output (like active speakers) to IN/OUT port; β‘‘ connect one audio source to IN/OUT port and two audio outputs to A/B port
  • Compatibility issues with certain devices