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Review on πŸ’§ Enhance Water Quality with Brita 35503 Standard Replacement Filters by Doris Tran

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Why reinvent the wheel? "Aquaphor " and "Barrier " still will not surpass.

There are just so many water filters now, recently a lot of them are being sold, from different companies, but the equipment and functions of the action are the same for everyone, in our time polluted water is an urgent issue. There are several ways to purify water, from ordinary black coal to super duper ion-heaped stages. This filter is normal, I read about it and realized that in general it is not bad, just like the others... Brita water filter: Brita is Germany. This filter comes with two cartridges, it is convenient that for the first time this will be enough and then the search for a new one will begin ... The resource of the cartridge is 150 liters. The volume of filtered water is 2.5 liters. The volume of the jug is 3.5 liters. The jug itself looks decent, such a pleasant beige color, cappuccino. We use it at work until everything suits everyone. But for me, of course, it’s a minus, it’s not a convenient lid into which water is poured, and not a convenient spout, which just looks like it will come off at the jug. Such a very small hole for pouring water: And the spout that rises constantly, but it seems to feel like it sits tightly, firmly, should not fall off, although it seems that it is flimsy: This Brita water filter is designed to purify tap water, that is, from a tap, although I read somewhere that local legislation constantly checks water in the city, and the quality of this water is drinkable even from a tap. I don’t think so, we have terribly hard water, it’s also chlorinated at work, it smells really strong (Moscow). This filter copes, but we had Aquaphor before and it cleaned better, and the water was softer. But anyway, after cleaning the water with a filter, we boil it, just because no one drinks it with us. A mechanical calendar is also installed on the case, it is necessary to put the date when the cartridge was replaced. The manufacturer advises to do this every two months. *** My opinion - why reinvent the wheel? The degree of purification here is even lower than in Aquaphor or Barrier, these companies are just popular, and they are much more convenient to use in the form of a jug! The main disadvantage for me is the Brita filter cartridges. Where to buy and find them? If well-known companies sell their cartridges everywhere, in any store, from food to network, then it’s more difficult ... With purified water, it looks like this: Of course, without a doubt, it looks very good, it is convenient to wash it, it can be disassembled and can be put in the dishwasher, not a bad alternative to some ... But I am a conservative, I am for well-known and affordable brands.

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  • Quickly filters water, conventional filtration and equipment, everything is available.
  • Where to buy new cartridges?

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