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Review on Granville Sports by Jose Palma

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Granville Sports, facilitates online sports shopping, integrates quality products, accepts secure and easy to implement payment methods.

Granville Sports, is a store that is responsible for the sale of sporting goods, this has physical store and even online store, which contains on its shelves a variety of products in bicycles, skateboards, shirts, hats, masks, electric skateboards and even electric bikes, with good quality brands, with a variety of brands with popular sports equipment designs, which are resistant, at convenient prices for shopping and is a store that facilitates purchases from online. Granville Sports, guarantees a friendly customer service, likewise is a store easy to locate to make sports purchases from their physical shelves, likewise this sports store has a web platform, which functions as an online store where it integrates a wide range of products, thus facilitating quick purchases, ordering from the comfort of home, view products from its online store platform, since its electronic store platform has a well organized interface, allows product searches by category, view product images, facilitates price comparison, as it shows the prices of each item in sales, likewise it has created a system of offers of good performance, which allows purchases with discounts and facilitating savings in each purchase.

Granville Sports, ensures that customers can join the online system and the store, allowing them to make purchases and orders of sports products from online, accessing a user account from the store, shopping with better comfort, with ease and security, integrating home delivery or reliable and fast shipping, likewise facilitates customers to pay with different payment methods, as it accepts different bank cards and credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay and even Apple Pay, which generates a good experience during shopping and payment of the various products selected for purchase from the store. Granville Sports, has accounts in social networks, where it publishes marketing and product publications, making it easier to visualize and find their products from the community in social networks, also has a good return policy, guarantees to request after-sales support as it offers methods to contact the store easily, likewise facilitates to see prices in US dollars and even in Canadian dollars, allowing purchases in those currencies, its payment system maintains customer security and the online cart system is safe, facilitates selection of variety of products and make an easy and fast payment.

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  • It has a secure guarantee, making it easy for the customer to return the purchased product.
  • Allows easy viewing of actual prices and offers of sporting goods from the online store.
  • It has a physical store easy to locate and its online store offers a good e-commerce of diverse sports products, including scooters and even electric bicycles, clothing, masks and caps, with good quality and cheap products in easy-to-acquire offers.
  • Its accepted payment methods are well implemented, it has a variety of accepted payment methods that guarantee a fast, easy and secure purchase for the customer.
  • It guarantees an easy configuration of the delivery method of the product purchased from the online store.
  • It has not integrated in the e-shop platform a review system to know comments from other users about the products.
  • They have not created new marketing strategies for the store's products from social networks.