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Review on Payoneer by LUIS RIVERO R

The payment processor for average merchants.

This payment processor has extensive experience in the online payment business, allowing to connect anyone in the world who sells a product or service, it has a clean, safe and easy-to-use user interface.

The main criterion to take into account to know if payoneer would be profitable for you is to know if it really offers benefits that can help your business, and specifically business since this payment processor is especially aimed at the small and medium-sized commerce sector. Change supports other users but its design is more related to professionals.

In general, payoneer is an alternative to traditional banking services, however it does not stop having some problems related to the use of funds, and that is why I mentioned that this service works better for those people who have a way of verifying the origin and destination of the funds. funds since your account can be blocked if you have any movement that could mean something illicit.

Pros & cons

  • High safety standards tested and authorized.
  • Used mainly by companies, it serves as a mediator of payments for goods and services.
  • It has a physical card that allows you to withdraw cash.
  • Especially aimed at specialized users and companies. Or financial services.
  • Daily transactions are limited.
  • Some accounts are blocked due to their movements.